Cloud9 IDE lets you code together in the Cloud. And offline. And in Ruby, PHP…

Looking at the past year, Cloud9 has grown leaps and bounds as we refined the UI, integrated with partners and built up the back-end to bring cloud development to over 125,000 developers.

Yet we never slept. Our original vision for a new way of coding was burning in the forefront of our minds, and we worked night and day to make it a reality.

Today we are releasing 4 revolutionary features that will forever change the way you code.

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It’s finally here. You can now collaborate on your code with real-time co-editing and embedded chat. Pair programming, code reviews, going to a conference and teaching a group of students the art of programming – everything about the way we code together will never be the same again.

Your Workspace in the Cloud

Your Workspace pairs Cloud9 with the raw power of your own runtime. You can now compile with gcc. You can run the Python and Ruby interpreters. And you can say goodbye to platform differences. Now the entire team is running on the same powerful OS and software stack.

Work anytime, even when offline

Cloud9LOCAL is a small app you can download for Mac and Linux. It is the local version of Cloud9 that connects to your hosted projects and keeps them in sync. Now your code is always with you, even when you’re offline. Feel the freedom to roam!

Download for Mac
Download for Linux

Code Completion

The depth and sophistication of JavaScript analysis – once the domain of desktop IDEs – has landed into Cloud9. As you type, code suggestions appear below your code. Hovering over suggestions shows helpful JavaScript and Node.js documentation from NodeManual, so you’re always armed with the information you need.

On top of these incredible features, we went back to the drawing board and reworked even the most basic Cloud9 elements. Here are just a few highlights.

The new UI
We believe the IDE you look at all day should be as beautiful as it is functional. We debated intensely over every pixel and tweak to ensure that Cloud9 gets out of your way, but is still there when you need it.

The search UI has been completely renovated from the ground-up. Even regex searches are more expressive. Highlighting and syntax hints let you know exactly when you’re on the right path, or if you’re missing an operator.

Goto File
Insanely fast file access, even for super large codebases. Now you’re always milliseconds away from opening the right file.

The New Command-Line
Now the command-line runs NPM packages. For example, you can “npm install express” and then enter “express” to scaffold your express app. If the NPM package has a stdin prompt like “coffee”, the command-line handles that too.

Cloud9 isn’t just a new take on an old concept. It’s a completely new way of coding.

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