In the early iChatAV days...Steve Jobs called me “fuckchop”

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June 11, 2012

Inspiration comes from so many places. On the eve of the Apple WWDC a legendary developer surfaces to announce:

In the early iChatAV days, one of the many things Steve Jobs called me was a “fuckchop”. When I got to iPod, I thought it would make a nice title.” - Andy Grignon  [posted today on Geeklist]

In building Geeklist we believed it would become the greatest place for developers the world would never know to get credit where credit is due. A place for developers to share things that made their career, their lives, their achievements special. (Andy posted the full story on his Facebook Page)

We are learning it is also becoming a place for true inspiration, not from the corporate bodies we work for, but for the developers who REALLY did the heavy lifting (and sometimes took the words of brilliant madmen like Jobs at face value, scoffed at it and continued to build great products) 

Andy Grignon got into our private beta yesterday after Robert Scoble invited his users (here is a link to his invite so you’re in too: Invite via Scobleizer to Geeklist) He went on to post true inspiration in an Achievement:

Then he let us know he started webOS with co-worker Chris McKillop:

Then came one of the funnier Achievements we have gotten…

On the eve of Apple WWDC we are reminded of the passing of the great Steve Jobs… we are even more reminded of the great developers who made Jobs famous, the REAL builders. On Geeklist we showcase and you find the real builder every day and every day builders who may not have built iPhone, but build great technologies that make our lives better. So Geeklist is there to make their lives a little better too. Thank you Andy for sharing and a very special thanks to Robert Scoble for being a great connector, finder and interviewer of people that build cool shit.

Now go find inspiration every day in Geeklist :) the Geeklist founders - @rekatz & @csanz

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