ESCON Crowdsourced Submission - VOTE FOR ME?

Hi Folks,

I just submitted a crowdsourced session proposal for LSAC's ESCON
conference. If enough of you vote for my session, they will refund the $500
registration fee. I would appreciate your assistance in this AND I believe
that the content of the session will be very interesting should you decide
to attend.

Here is where you vote...

Here's the link to the ESCON website...

Here's the session I proposed...

A2J:Teaching Law Students Programming & Lawyering Skills

In the Fall of 2012, CALI will be launching a new website where law clinics
can send their students to create programmable guided interviews for
lawyers or clients using A2J Author. A2J Author is used by the legal aid
community to deliver online legal form assistance to self representing
litigants, but it is also an excellent teaching tool for law students and
will prepare them for 21st Century law practice.