Friday Fun: Help the Commons

As you may know we've launched this thing called the Legal Education
Commons. We've gotten some very nice mentions in a few blogs here and
there and numerous congratulatory emails, but just one actual
contribution. That came from fellow teknoid and librarian Susanna
Leers at Pittsburgh. You can check it out here: It's a good intro to Lexis and
Westlaw. Be sure to vote if you like it :)

Anyway, as I mentioned yesterday, we're having a webinar on using the
LEC today ( and it would be nice if we had
more material on hand, so I'd like launch a new variation on Friday
Fun called UploadFest (I love those fests). To participate in the
first ever Friday Fun UploadFest all you need to do is upload a
document or two to the Legal Ed Commons before 2:00 PM ET today

Now there are a couple of rules. First, the max size is 50 meg.
Second, it must be one of the following types: txt doc docx xls wpd
ppt pdf rtf odt ods odp mp3 wmv mobi epub mov mp4 avi. Third, it must
be some sort of legal education material (think syllabi, training
materials, articles, etc. anything that would go to law students).
Fourth, you must have the ability to assign a Creative Commons license
to the material. Fifth, you'll need your CALI website account. Sixth,
spread the joy, send this along to faculty, librarians, tech folk at
your school and encourage them to get involved in the fun.

So, what do you get out of this? The warm fuzzies for contributing to
the Commons and helping make legal education better. And a slot on
the LEC Leaderboard which will be unveiled once I see 10

Finally, if you make a contribution, do consider attending one of the
LEC webinars today or next Friday. Visit
for details.


Friday Fun: Help the Commons

Howdy folks. Just wanted to clarify a few points here. All times for
the webinars are Eastern Time. I'm going to tweak the events calendar
listings to clear that up. The address for the Legal Education
Commons is Finally, I know some of you have
been poking around the site, which is good, but let's get some content
in there.

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