LVI 2012 -- October 7-9, 2012

We sent out a save-the-date earlier but now we're serious: the Law via
the Internet conference web site is up at , and
with it comes a call for papers and presentations, and a system that you
can use to register for the conference. As befits the 20th birthday of
the LII (yeah, I'm that old), we are planning a very ambitious
conference with a very interesting group of participants (the bios of
the chairs for the 5 tracks at the conference, at might give
you an idea).

This is the first time LVI has been in the US. It's the LII's 20th
birthday. Our main thesis is that open access to law, as something
people *do*, has taken on a much broader scope both in terms of who's
doing it and what's being done. We're thinking big and we'd like you to
come think big with us.

The more early registration we get, the better our planning will be, so
don't hesitate.

Please relay this message widely -- if someone could post to lawlib and
intlaw I'd be particularly grateful.

All the best,
Tb. (and the rest of the crew)