LVI 2012: We'd like your proposals

First of all, apologies to those of you who are hearing about this from
multiple directions -- and a request that somebody repost this to both
law-lib and the int-law list.

As I hope you know, the Law via the Internet conference for 2012 is
being held here at Cornell this year. It's the first time the
conference has been held in the US -- and it's the LII's 20th birthday
(yes, I am that old, and no, I will not jump out of a cake). We are
hoping for a very large celebration indeed. And we'd like it to include

Take a look at the conference site at -- and
particularly at the tracks and topics listed on . This isn't just
some annual meeting of the LIIs and their friends -- it's an ambitious
attempt to pull together the entire community that is working with open
access to law, no matter where or how. There's room for a lot of
different kinds of presentations, and I hope you'll decide to
participate, either by just showing up, or by doing a presentation.
We've got some top-flight "track star" presenters, and some very
interesting keynote speakers in the works... can't say anything yet, but

In the meantime, the deadline for presentation proposals is April 2, and
we'd really, really like to hear from you.

All the best,