New on for June 2009

New on for June 2009 -

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**Criminal Justice Surveys and Public Opinion Polls

Ken Strutin's article examines key sources for surveys and public
polling concerning the criminal justice system. In addition to
overview studies about the application of surveys to criminal justice,
the selected topics include: crime, criminal histories, death penalty,
public defense, sentencing, sex offenses, treatment, and reentry.

**Vendor Pitfalls in Negotiating Large Multi-Year Contracts - or How
to Lose a Million Dollar Contract

A veteran of several decades of vendor negotiations for law firm
online and print contracts, law librarian Elaine Billingslea Dockens'
thoughtful, detailed and illustrative pathfinder is an asset to all
engaged parties whose goal is to obtain a contract that is
appropriately balanced, in cost and content, to meet the specific
organizational requirements.

**Marketing Yourself with Webinars

Attorney Wells H. Anderson recommends presenting periodic webinars as
an effective, direct and efficient technique to attract new clients
and professionals who refer business to you.

**Review of HTC Magic (G2) vs iPhone 3G (and 3G S)

Techie expert extraordinaire Nicholas Moline compares the upcoming
T-Mobile G2 (HTC Magic) with the iPhone 3G, which has the new iPhone
3.0 Software. Nick ran detailed and thorough tests of each
Smartphone's usability and functionality, and he highlights the
respective range of features, including bar code readers, removable
memory, cameras, GPS, touchscreens, email, web access, and lots more.
He also shares his thoughts about which gadget delivers the best
applications for users.

**The End of Institutional Repositories & the Beginning of Social
Academic Research Service: An Enhanced Role For Libraries

Stuart Basefsky advocates broadening the concept of institutional
repositories (IRs) to serve as full-fledged electronic libraries and
documents how they can then serve the greater purpose of collecting,
disseminating, analyzing and exchanging useful digital information for
academic purposes.

**FOIA Facts: The Detainee Photo Issue - Is it What it Seems?

Scott A. Hodes comments on the Obama administrations' decision to
continue to fight the release of detainee photos.

**Bridging the DiGital Divide: Custom Search Engines Put You in Control

Law librarian, legal research expert and blogger John J. DiGilio's new
column focuses on technology trends that leverage the web to achieve
more efficient and effective results. Here John recommends using
customized search engines to manage the sites you search.

**LLRX Court Rules, Forms and Dockets - continually updated by law
librarian Margaret Berkland

**See also, - comprehensive,
accurate, focused news and recommended sources on law and technology
issues, authored and updated daily since 2002 by Sabrina I. Pacifici,
with a searchable database of over 20,000 postings. Topics include:
the financial system, government documents, key federal legislation,
privacy, cybercrime and ID theft, freedom of information, legal
research, e-government, knowledge management, and more.

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