Question about the IP-based version of Fastcase

Does anyone subscribe to the IP-based version of Fastcase (or does
everyone just use the password version)? If so, have you enabled the
personalized features? We've asked what we would need to do to enable
these and were told:

How to implement customized access: Implementing customized access is
simply a matter of constructing the single sign-on link dynamically
using server-side code such as ASP.NET, PHP, ColdFusion, etc. This
allows you to embed user information into the link as query string

The required query string parameters are:

- Username: A unique, non-changing value to identify the user
(such as an ID value, student #, email, etc.)

- FirstName

- LastName

Here are some options:

- Put the Fastcase link on a login-based site

- Set up an intermediate page that asks students to enter their
name and student # to access Fastcase. You wouldn't need to
authenticate this info - simply pass it on to Fastcase.

- Require all students to log in to the proxy to access
Fastcase and derive the user info from the proxy context if possible.

Which option did you choose and how well did it work? Thank you.

Debbie Ginsberg

Educational Technology Librarian

IIT Downtown Campus Library

565 W. Adams St.

Chicago, IL, 60661