RE: examsoft softest for mac, and SecureExam


They said the fixes that I saw were in the final release. The only exception was the issue I had with the inconsistent spellcheck, which they have not been able to duplicate yet.

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Do you have the final version? Talked to ExamSoft a couple of days ago and they made quite a few fixes for the final release. Not sure if any of these fixes are on your list.

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Subject: [teknoids] examsoft softest for mac, and SecureExam

Hey all,
So we're still doing heavy testing of the mac client. Have any of you seen the following behavior:

1- secure exam, print enabled. You hit print, and somehow you are able to break out into the OS

2 - with Parallels or VMWare Fusion, you can access the VM even if in softest secure mode (I tried this and could not but am checking)

3 - that there is something about how softest for the Mac is written that is fundamentally not as secure as it should be.

The last one I heard through...some other sources. I don't know exact details but perhaps there are some nuts and bolts OS X folks on here that might have an idea on that.

Also, any comments on SecureExam? I've seen some comments about it taking a long time to upload, and I can't seem to find, just yet, a clear answer to how it behaves re: the presence of VM software. Not the running of it - I have read that SecureExam will not run if Fusion or Parallels is actually running. But whether SecureExam will work if Fusion is simply installed,l but not running.


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