Requirinig laptops - Exams on PCs

At Emory Law School, we do not require laptops. We strongly recommend them, we also arranged a deal with a vendor of the university to sell students our customized IBM thinkpad T41 at a good discount. We do not support MACs. We use Securexam as our exam software (as does the Georgia and New York Bar) if you are a MAC user you can handwrite or borrow a school computer (we have 15 laptops and a small classroom where we install Securexam). We will use the MAC client from Securexam when it is widely available, we were not a beta site, as we only have maybe 5 MAC users.

Harold (avoiding the soapbox about exam software providing better backups than security)

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This not really a question about whether your school requires laptops, nor
is it a question about what kind of exam software you use, but rather -

If you do require laptops, are Macintosh allowed?

Do you use exam software that is compatible with a Macintosh? Is so, which
one? If you exam software is not compatible with a Macintosh, what do you
do for students with a Macintosh?


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