Responsive Theme + Twitter Bootstrap for Teknoids Website, Drupal 6

I've been putting together a theme for that is device
responsive and uses Twitter Bootstrap for UI elements. The goal is to
create a theme that is functional from the desktop all the way down to
the phone. I've got the basics in place and you can try it out by
visiting on the desktop and on mobile devices. You
can also see it in action by making your browser window narrower.

I started with the Big Daddy theme
( because it is one of the few D6
themes that deals with HTML5 and CSS3, both of which are necessary for
a responsive design. I added the jQuery Multi
( and Libraries
( modules to allow me to use the
latest jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap
( WIth these pieces in place I
rewrote the theme to include the bootstrap style sheets and
page.tpl.php to include the bootstrap UI elements. The result is waht
you see now at

This isn't just an academic exercise. Many Drupal sites are stuck on
D6 for various reasons but would benefit from being able to use some
of the new tools that available . In the case of Teknoids, the site
depends on a module that will most likely not get rewritten for D7, so
this new theme provides a bit of an upgrade path that will improve the
interface to the site.

All of the work I've done so far has been in the top level templates
and that is still kind of rough. There is a lot of work to do yet and
I wanted to see if folks thought this was something worth pursuing and
if anyone out there in teknoids-land would care to pitch in and help
out? I will certainly contribute the theme to once it gets
a bit further along.

Let me know what you think.