SharePoint 2010

Dear Teknoids,

The new AppointLink MyLaw Communication Portal is here!

We have rebuilt our Law School Communication Portal in SharePoint 2010. If you are interested in seeing the product in action, please contact me for a FREE hosted pilot and evaluation. You will be able to evaluate MyLaw from the perspecitve of Student, Faculty, Staff, and Administrator. Test all of our new and improved features including:

• Photo Directory
• Student Self-seating
• The Docket
• Instructor Office Hours
• Faculty Evaluations
• Course Management
• Library Study Room Reservation
• Department Announcements
• Take-home Exams
• Announcement Read Receipts
• Event RSVP
• Communication Reporting
• Student Drop Box
• Exam Archives
• First Week Reading Assignments
• Complete Course Listings

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me directly.


Dan Glass