Resending - Examsoft upload delays help them find a solution

Both our Nursing School and Law School experienced significant (> 5min.) delays this semester.

Our ExamSoft Rep. is suggesting that we send softest.log files so they can see the problems.
Follow these easy steps to copy the files to a flash drive and then send them to ExamSoft.

Dayna Power
IT Specialist
Duquesne University School of Law
600 Forbes Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15234

Tools for marking up student papers?

One of our faculty members would like to be able to mark up student papers
with both text comments and ink-style markups (to correct grammar
mistakes). The ideal tool would:

1. Use a stylus
2. Allow her to add both kinds of comments at the same time.
3. Be easy to use.
4. Work with Word or PDF files
5. Work on a PC & Mac (iPad would also be ok)

As far as I can tell, the best system for that would be Word 2010 on a
tablet-style PC with a stylus. She could use Word's revision tools along
with its ink tools.

Processing of handwritten scantrons into examsoft

We currently use softest to process multiple choice exams. However, there are instances where a computer cannot be used and the student must then fill out a scantron sheet by hand.

How do others handle the process of getting the written scantron answers into softest?
Is it a manual or automated process?
if it is an automated process, please describe?
If it is a manual process what measures do you have in place to reduce the chances of error?
Do you have any policies or procedures in place for this process?


EZproxy Courses & Tutorials

Hi all--

Every so often I am called on to touch our EZproxy implementation; most
of the time this is to add a resources, and I do fine. Occasionally, I
touch it an muck something up. This last time I mucked something up, we
did not understand it was mucked up until a few months after the change
had been made. With limited success, I've looked around (Googled) for
EZproxy administration information outside of what OCLC publishes.

So: Does anybody know of a course or tutorial for learning more about
the guts of EZproxy? Thanks.

Quick survey about your office computer

Hey Nerds.....uh, I mean 'Noids!

Since I've been out of law schools for 3.5 years now, it occurred to me
that I'm not really sure what the situation is with admin rights and office
computers anymore. I had the full scale of privileges at my jobs, so past
experience doesn't really help anyway. Please take my ~1 minute survey
about your situation.


p.s. You can make it a 2 minute survey by pausing a moment to admire the
lovely kitty cat theme google form. :D

Mac Softest Exam Closeout -Dock App Crash Issue - Yosemite

Hello Everyone,

It's the third day of exams here at South Carolina. We ran into an issue with two MAC students, both of whom are using Yosemite. When they exit a Softest exam (whether actual exam file or mock exam), the dock app doesn't properly load and the screen background continually flashes between a black screen and the users' desktop screen.

So we tried all the normal fixes - rebooted the computer, reset the PRAM, even worked with Examsoft tech support on the problem and tried fixes such as deleting the app.plist file.