Formative Assessment Tools

Greetings All,

ABA's formative assessment is all the buzz here and I was wondering if anyone has already prepared or presented methods to incorporate CALI, or other platform(s), features to "satisfy" the requirement, or any other tech that is "ready-made" so that faculty can easily incorporate quizzes, etc.

DevOps engineer position at the Harvard Library Innovation Lab


I was asked to pass this career opportunity along.

From the job description:

The Harvard Library Innovation Lab is seeking a devops engineer to
help us build the future of libraries.

We’re a scrappy startup embedded in the world's largest academic law
library. We make big, cool things happen at the intersection of
technology, libraries, and law. We're working on free public access to
millions of court decisions. We're battling linkrot. We're running an
open source textbook platform. And we're building distributed,
encrypted archives.

Lexis printers

Howdy fellow 'noids,
After many years of Lexis printing at UNM law, our central Security group decided that opening an IP-to-IP connection from LX/NX to a printer on port 9100 is such a security risk to the UNM network that they simply deleted that firewall rule in August - and didn't even let us know. After weeks of troubleshooting with Lexis, we finally determined what had happened and assumed it was because they had migrated the firewall rules to an edge firewall recently, and they simply missed that rule. Nope.

Position Announcement: Director of the M.G. Gallagher Law Library, University of Washington School of Law

The University of Washington invites applications for the position of Director of the Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library. The Director is responsible for the planning and overall administration of the library, including budgeting, hiring, collection development, and long-range planning.

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mailman listserv - changing error messages

Anyone using Mailman? It can be set up to reject messages over a certain size. Can it be set to send an error message to the sender saying that the message was too big and is being dumped, then have it dump the message without the moderator having to intervene?



Edward P. Richards, JD, MPH
Director, Program in Law, Science, and Public Health
Clarence W.

Drupal 8.0.0 release set for November 19, 2015


Looks like Drupal 8 is finally ready for prime time. Release of 8.0 is
scheduled for 11/19/2015. See the details at

With the release of 8.0 Drupal 6.x will move to unsupported status 3
months later on Feb 19, 2016. If you're still running a D6
installation you really should be looking at an update to D7 right


The death of Flash...

Howdy CALI/teknoids peeps,

We are sick of Flash and all its inherent security vulnerabilities, and because of that I am ready to have my team start removing it on law school staff & faculty computers. That said, I am told that Westlaw and Lexis may rely on Flash for some of their advanced search features and have heard that CALI lessons may require the Flash plug-in. With HTML 5 at a mature stage and seeming to be the way of the future, and with Adobe's constant patching of Flash's security vulnerabilities, can you speak to whether CALI has plans to abandon Flash in favor of HTML5?