Who's using iLaw distance ed courses?

Happy Friday folks!

Out of curiosity I was wondering who's using iLaw distance ed law
courses. The iLaw Ventures website at http://www.ilawventures.com/
says that they've collaborated with nearly 20% of ABA law schools.
That means around 40 schools have done something with them. Are you
using iLaw courses as part of the JD program? For LLMs? Tried it once,
use it regularly? Plan on using? Never heard of it?

Any info you'd care to share, on or off the list, would be appreciated.


Resources/software for managing internships?

I recently received a question from someone looking for tools to manage
internships more easily than just using spreadsheets. In this case,
management consists of the internships themselves, tracking information
about students, tracking the contact network needed to find internships,
and tracking alumni who participated in the program. Is anyone using and
resources or software they find particularly effective for managing such a
program? Thank you.


Debbie Ginsberg, Educational Technology Librarian
IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law Library
565 W.

Ideas for session topics for CALIcon16


We're prepping the call for speakers for CALIcon16 and we're planning
on including a list of potential speaking topics in the call to help
prime the pump for proposals. I've started a list and thought I'd ask
my fellow Teknoids for some input. What session topics would you like
to have covered at CALIcon16?

Deadline Approaching -- AALL Innovations in Technology Award

[Apologies for cross-posting, but the award jury hopes to reach as wide an audience as possible. Thank you for your understanding.]

Dear 'noids:

The American Association of Law Libraries' Innovations in Technology Award Jury is on the lookout for law libraries, AALL members, and AALL-affiliated chapters or Special Interest Sections that use technology in new and interesting ways. If you know of an innovative application or resource developed by one of these individuals or entities, please consider nominating it for the 2016 Innovations in Technology Award.

Content strategist question

Quick Monday-morning survey for the group:

1. Does your school have a position identified as a content strategist?

2. Where does this position report?

* Marketing

* IT

* Other

Off-list replies welcome. I'm happy to provide a summary of results upon request.

-> Thayer

Thayer York
Interim Director
Technology Services - University of Washington School of Law

Question regarding print managers : CBORD & PCOUNTER

Hello Teknoids,

I believe our print manager system is CBORD, although I have seen on the web a reference to PCOUNTER as our system. If you have either of these systems:

1. Does your print manager system have a customizable login screen?

2. If so, can you customize it in house and what is required to do so? (e.g. programming skills, etc.)

3. If your login screen is customized but was not done in house, did you have to pay the vendor extra to customize the screen?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Ms. Raquel M.

Quick but very important question - need your help!

Iowa has relied on central AD since it was implemented over 10 years ago. We moved to the central Exchange server ~2005, and now use Office365. Our Board of Regents initiated a broad efficiency review (for all three state schools) more than a year ago, and this has led to rebalancing IT services and support across the entire university (not just Law).