What do you call...


What do you call the office in your law school (if it has one) that handles
things like projectors, microphones, classroom recording, AMX/Crestron
control systems, helping faculty/staff/students set up for PowerPoint
presentations, videoconferences, etc., and what are the job titles of the
full-time staff members who work in that office?


Larry Ross
Lawrence Ross
Head of Electronic Services
Jacob Burns Law Library
George Washington University Law School
716 20th Street NW
Washington, DC 20052

On Tue, Oct 28, 2014 at 2:04 P

RE: What do you call...

Classroom support is handled by the desktop portion of the Law school IT department. So that falls on shoulders of 3 different positions, depending on availability and complexity. The three positions are student employees, Desktop/Lab Manager, Desktop and Systems Administrator.
Steven N. Schwarz
Director of Information Technology and CIO
UC Davis School of Law
University of California, Davis

Hard drive issue

We have a Western Digital NAS (a My Book) that started having some
intermittent network connectivity issues the last few days. The data itself
appears fine, and I was able to get everything we needed off it and onto a
new NAS. (And of course we had a cloud backup with Carbonite.)

I have put the My Book into two different USB enclosures to move the last
remaining data, and the drive does not appear to work in either of them. My
PC detects the SATA bridge but does not detect the drive itself.

Law Repositories 2015: Final Call for Proposals (deadline 11/7)

Law Repositories 2015: Shaping the Future Conference
On behalf of the Conference Steering Committee, we would like to invite you to submit a proposal for the conference, Law Repositories 2015: Shaping the Future.
This inaugural conference will be hosted by the William & Mary Law School in Williamsburg, VA from March 30 - 31, 2015. We are excited to announce that our keynote speaker will be Paul Royster.

Document retention for NON school records, Ie Work in process, emails etc


I'm wondering what people are doing with document retention for NON Records,

We call it work in progress (WIP)..

An example might be an email I have from technology with another department,
Not student specific, but just maybe on how we want to work out a project plan.

Another example might be an email a student sends to IT about "how do I install office 365".

We have 2 camps here at our school,

a) Delete it all very quickly 6 months (which can protect legally).

b) Keep it for at least the academic year, so you can go back and review if needed.


Exam taking software

Hi all,

We’re revisiting our Exam taking policies, and the Administration wanted me to do an informal “poll” of other Law Schools.

Does your law school use Exam4, ExamSoft or other exam-taking software? If yes, is it mandatory at your school for all exams, or does your school permit each faculty member to determine if she/he wants to use exam software in his/her course?

Thanks for your help!

Kimberly M.

RE: Teknoids Digest, Vol 110, Issue 12

Hello Kim,

Pepperdine Law School uses ExamSoft as well. SofTest is used in 100% of our classes. However, much like SUNY, it is used to administer the essay portion of the exam only. We then use Scantrons to administer the multiple choice questions for the rest of the exam. Similar to MSU, students also have the option to Opt-out of the SofTest essay if they choose to complete their essay on paper instead, using Bluebooks that we supply upon request prior to the start of the exam.