Public Access Computers

Hello All,

I was asked a few weeks back to look for a solution for our library public access computers that:

1. Forced a click-through terms of use agreement
2. Timed the session and forced a restart
3. Did not require the creation of an account for the patrons

I landed on Faronics WINSelect. It seems like a powerful tool, and an additional (bonus in my mind) feature, is it requires unique codes for each session. There is some debate around the use of these codes with our librarians.

Case Management software for Clinics

I confess to being a lurker on this list, posting rarely, and taking full advantage of the collective experience found here. Now I must ask for your help.

The Clinics at the MSU College of Law are embarking on a replacement for our current case management tool, PracticeMaster.

TargetX at Law School?

Anyone using TargetX at their law school? It's a Salesforce CRM product. Looking for a fellow traveler.

Best to all,

Pepperdine Law

Anonymous Grading

We are investigating a better way to manage the submission of anonymous
grades between professors and our student services department. Has anyone
had to create a system or integrate with an existing system to accomplish

Dan Thomas
Assistant Director, Technology Operations
Cleveland-Marshall College of Law
Cleveland State University

Custom client management system

My small legal non-profit has been managing clients in a home-cooked Paradox
application since the late 90s. It still works, but Paradox gets very
temperamental with multiple users on a network. I would like to upgrade,
but I'm not sure which way to go.

Access to Classcaster?

We're getting sporadic reports of problems accessing and the blogs hosted therein. Our monitoring is
not showing any issues with the servers at all and we can access the
system just fine.

I'd appreciate it y'all would take a minute and try opening and and if you can't get
in, drop me a note and let me know.


Externship Time Tracking Software


Does anyone use any specialized software (or have a good procedure) for easily approving and tracking the hours of students involved in externships? About a year ago we tried switching to a cloud service but it's a bigger program (and bigger expense) that we need.

Any suggestions would certainly be appreciated.


Scott MacKnight | Chief Information Officer | UCLA School of Law | 310.206.3446