Questions About E-Portfolio Platforms

Dear Teknoids,

Our department has been asked to look into e-portfolio platforms used in other law schools around the country.

Some questions we have:

1. Is your law school using e-portfolios?

2. What platforms are being used to provide e-portfolio services?

3. What is the cost of some potential e-portfolio platforms?

4. Who within the law school administers these e-portfolio platforms? Assists students having trouble using them? Etc...

Thanks. Any insight would be most appreciated.

Scott C.

Question about courtroom technology

Dear Teknoids,

The University of Iowa College of Law is looking to install courtroom technology in one of our courtrooms. We are in the initial steps of researching this, and I'd be interested in hearing tips from anyone who has done this recently. Today, the question we're most interested in is getting a rough estimate of costs.

Full disk image capture to replace Ghost

Fellow Teknoids,

We finally have to deal with the fact that we need to replace Symantec Ghost as our full disk image capture tool. (Aside from issues with extracting files using Ghost Explorer, the latest - and last - version of Ghost can't handle Windows 8+ images based on UEFI/GPT volumes.

What do other folks use? Paragon Hard Disk Manager seems to be a good option. Anyone used it? Anything else?

Thanks for any feedback!

-> Thayer

P.S. Microsoft's ImageX, while useful in some cases, does not fit the bill.

Replacements for Yahoo Pipes?

Dear teknoids - forwarding a posting from my French colleague, Emmanuel Barthe. In the post, he asks:

« Did I miss something ? Do you know about any simple tool that could replace the "RSS mashup" function of Yahoo Pipes ? I'm interested in free as well as paid for services. »
Any answers for him? Merci!

CS-SIS Planning Meeting at CALI

For those of you coming to CALI, please do not miss the CS-SIS Planning
Meeting on Friday, June 19, 12:00pm - 1:00pm in room 155. All are invited
to attend and give input.

Hope to see you there!

Caroline Young
CS-SIS Chair, 2014-15

Last Minute, Un-Official CALI Beer Hike Tour !! TONIGHT !!

This tentative plan just came together organically this morning, and now in addition to spreading the word through Slack & Twitter, I am sending this email to the list too. (I'm sorry for all of you who have seen this three times already - Thanks for using Slack and/or Twitter!). We have assembled a group of folks who will brave the Denver Downtown (on a Rockies game day, nonetheless) for a totally unsanctioned, unofficial, impromptu CALI 2015 Beer Hike.

#CALIcon15 live streams and interaction

CALIcon15 kicks off in just 2 days, on Thursday June 18. All of this year's
sessions will be streamed live and we're using Slack to let viewers

To view sessions visit and click on the
session you're interested in on the schedule. The link to the live stream
is at the top of the description.

To participate you will need to join the CALIcon15 Slack community. Go to and enter your email to sign up. Once you've
joined the community look for the channel that matches the room number and
join that channel.


Do any of you work on courses created in collaboration with Coursera or other MOOCs? I'm working on some projects here at Suffolk Law (early stages) and want to think through the pros and cons of working with a big outfit vs. pushing out the content on Canvas, Blackboard or another platform that we control in-house.

I'd appreciate any thoughts/feedback/comments either on list or off.

Thanks all!

Gabriel H.

Do any of you work on courses created in collaboration with Coursera or other MOOCs?


I welcome an article(s) about any aspects/facets of this topic.

Thank you very much!

On Thu, Jun 11, 2015 at 9:47 AM, Wilhelmina Randtke <>

> UF Law did a MOOC last year (and how fortuitous that you posted by
> replying to Jenny Wondracek who taught in that MOOC!)
> -Wilhelmina Randtke
> On Thu, Jun 11, 2015 at 9:36 AM, Gabriel Teninbaum <
> > wrote:
>> Do any of you work on courses created in collaboration with Coursera or
>> other MOOCs?

Braille Printer Information

Hi All,
We will need to purchase a braille printer for one of our incoming 1Ls.
Wondering if any of you have any advice on brands, vendors, and
experience/wisdom you may have, that you would like to share.

Any advice is greatly appreciated,
Donna P