What Scheduling software are you using and why

Is anyone using EMS or Ad Astra or has a recommendation for another product ?

I think I am done with As Astra's hosted solution and ready to move on!

Thanks much as always Noids!

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Submit a session proposal for CALIcon15!

As usual y'all are getting first crack at submitting session proposals for
CALIcon. This is the 25th annual conference and it's set for June 18 - 20,
2015 at Sturm College of Law, University of Denver. The website is live at
http://conference.cali.org/2015/. Here's the text of the announcement:

The theme for this year's conference is...

Yes, we are mid-crisis in legal education, but we are also in the middle of
the most fertile, explosive, experimental and innovative period of
technology investigation as well.

Managing faculty bibliographies

I've been asked to look at alternatives to our Wordpress plugin used to
manage faculty bibliographies. We are currently using Category Order and
Taxonomy Terms Order (https://wordpress.org/plugins/taxonomy-terms-order/)
but we have been pretty unhappy with its performance. This is how it
displays on our site:

Does anyone have any alternatives they could suggest?

Law Review and Journals subscription database

What are other law schools using to manage subscriptions to their Law Review and Journal publications? I am partial to hosting a solution internally so we could limit access to the data.

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What are doing about assessment under standard 314?

As much as I hate to break into a good student printing discussion...

I anticipate that the development, integration, and delivery of formative
assessments is going to be a hot topic at CALIcon15 this year[1], so I
thought I'd get the conversation started.

I'm wondering how your schools are going to handle the new assessment rule
laid out in ABA Standard 314? The rule itself is short but its impact is
likely to be big:

"Standard 314.

Lecture Capture Retention Policy

Hello All,

I was wondering if anyone has a retention policy for their lecture capture sessions they would be willing to share with us?

Although we haven't had issues with storage space yet, as our faculty continue to utilize the service for a growing number of sessions, we will need to cull the sessions to delete outdated or unused session files to free up space.

Securing copiers. scanners , printers

Hey Noids,

Other than a pay to print system like Pharos or Pcounter, would you know of any product that can simply keep track of usage based on an ID or AD credentials?

Many thanks in advance


Kasra Hafezi
Director | Enterprise Technology Services
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Kerrville, TX 78028
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NTP server on Server 2012 R2

Hi Noids,

Hope you guys will still let me play even if I am not running a Law School IT.

Would anyone know where to begin looking at a server that doesn't keep time correctly. Would being virtual change things?

Many thanks


Kasra Hafezi
Director | Enterprise Technology Services
2100 Memorial Blvd
Kerrville, TX 78028
(830) 792 7304

FW: Surveying Faculty about Classroom Technology Needs and Preferences

Hi all,

I am part of a group that is tasked with making recommendations about upgrades to classroom technology here at Ohio State. Before we create a survey designed to gather info about faculty needs and preferences with regard to technology use in the classroom, I thought I would see whether anyone has written such a survey and would be willing to share.

Chronology of Legal Technology

I am looking for timeline or chronology of legal technology. I want to show the students in the legal tech class that the rate of change has been accelerating and hopefully get them to understand that they will need to adapt to a radically different practice environment in the course of their careers.