University firewalls blacklisting blogs

I've had a report that our blogs are being blocked as
"unsafe" by a law school's firewall. I don;t have a lot of details but
thought I'd ping the group and see if this is a wider problem.

Classcaster is running Wordpress 4.1.1 (both versions 4.1.2 and 4.2 were
released within the last couple of weeks) and the installation is secure.
It is not appearing on any of the standard blacklists we checked.

[Friday Fun] Do you want to try Slack?


I hope everyone had a good week. As we get into exam time, how about
trying something different as a bit of a diversion? You may have heard
of Slack ( and how it's changing the way groups
communicate. Here's your chance to try it.

I've created a space on Slack for Teknoids. To give it a try surf on
over to and enter your email address to
receive an invite to

How many charge for exam software?

Here is another question regarding exam software. How many schools charge
the students for exam software, and how many include the cost in tuition,
and don't charge the students separately? At CWSL, students are not
required to use exam software, they can write exams if they want. Students
pay for the software if they want to use it. Almost all students use the
exam software, and only a handful choose to write their exams. So how about

Polling Software


The University of Richmond Law School is investigating paid licensing with Question Press or Poll Everywhere. If so, are you happy with it? Any tips or advice on either?

Thanks for all advice!

Kim Edwards

Kimberly M. Edwards, CG'13, ACSP
Computer Services Coordinator
Law School Library
28 Westhampton Way
University of Richmond, VA 23173
(804) 287-6687

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E-commerce and event registrations

Has anyone used an event registration system that accepts payments? For example integrated an e-commerce product with something like LibCal?


Ryan Saltz
Circulation Librarian
Florida Coastal School of Law

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#CALIcon15 - Tomorrow is the last day to vote for sessions

Tomorrow is the last day to vote for the sessions you'd like to see
presented at CALIcon15. Remember, you don't need to be logged in or signed
up to vote. Since video of every session should make it online[1] shortly
after the conference, I'd encourage everyone to visit the site and vote for
session you'd like to see. Voting will shut down some time after 5:00 PM ET
on Friday April 17, 2015.

Voting is easy. Start at and click through to the session

VoIP usage

I was curious about VoIP usage at other institutions. If you have a
moment, I'd appreciate it if you'd complete a short 4 question survey on

I'll share the results when we're done.


Survey Results - Final Exams Moving Towards Being Entirely Paperless?

Thanks to all who participated!


1. How are students provided with exam questions?
Exam questions are provided in paper - 22
Exam questions are provided in paper and embedded into the exam software - 7
Exam questions are embedded into the exam software - 2

2. How does a professor receive and grade exam answers?
The exams are printed on paper for the professor to grade - 21
The professor has the option to grade in paper or online - 10


Online exam proctoring software

I am evaluating online proctoring software for distance education students to utilize to remotely take their exams securely. We currently use ExamSoft and I know most online or remote proctoring applications should technically be compatible with ExamSoft (or Exam4) with and open mode exam and accommodation to disable security.

I would be interested to hear what other law schools provide or if you specifically decided against online proctoring.

Symplicity's Advocate software? Alternative student conduct management tool?


Our office of student engagement is considering using Symplicity’s Advocate software ( . Are you aware of groups on campus that are already using it? Alternatively, are you using some other product to manage student conduct issues? Thanks in advance for any feedback you can share with me. I can summarize for the group.