Experimental flex space for teaching

I am on a university committee that is working on a proposal to plan and design an experimental demonstration space for teaching and learning. The purpose of the space is to accommodate a variety of teaching styles, furnishings, and technologies within a flexible environment. The assumption is that interested faculty would teach in the space for a semester and take advantage of the flexibility of the room for active learning and instruction while experimenting with an assortment of technologies and related tools.

Scholarly Communications position at the University of Cincinnati

Good morning,
Please share the announcement of this position within our university libraries with any interested parties.

The University of Cincinnati Libraries seeks a Scholarly Communications & Digital Publishing Strategist. This position develops, coordinates and oversees the growth of scholarly communications and publishing programs and services at UC, including: providing outreach, knowledge and support to faculty, students, and staff about copyright, licensing, and scholarly publishing, and about the dissemination and preservation of the scholarly, historical, and cultural record.

FW: LWI website RFP


Please see the attached message about updating the website for the Legal Writing Institute. If you know of anyone who does this kind of work, please feel free to forward the attached email and Request for Proposals.

Thank you.

Neil L.

Business Process Analysis Prior to New SIS & Financial Software System – Need info

We are about to upgrade our SIS and financial software systems and need to do a ‘Business Process Analysis’ ahead of selecting a vendor.

We are seeking wisdom from other institutions that have gone through this:

--How did you go about the BP analysis – did you hire a consultant or did you do it entirely in house or a hybrid of consultant and staff?
--Can you tell us any positive/negatives on the experience?
--Do you have any recommendations for companies/consultants in the Southern California area?

Thanks in advance for any information you have on this topic!


Barbara Gle

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Sorry about that. This list was off the air for almost 6 days. I
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Thanks to Barbara Glennan for dropping me a note about the outage.

In case you were wondering it went south on a server reboot last
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Law schools reusing/deleting student email addresses and the creation of CALI accounts

I know that some of you are at schools who reuse or bulk delete student
email addresses for one reason or another. I want to remind you that this
practice creates problems for the CALI website. Our system wants each
person who registers to have a unique email address. If you're school is
reusing email addresses or deleting the accounts of students after a
certain amount of time please ask your students to register with a non-edu
email address. We do not require the use of a law school email account to
register on the CALI website.

Call for Nominations for the CALI Board of Directors

Are you a big CALI fan? You might be interested in joining our Board of
Directors. Nominations are open until Friday, September 25, 2015. All the
details on our blog at

Some details from the blog post:

*Deadline: Friday, September 25, 2015 (6pm CST). Email John Mayer
(jmayer@cali.org <jmayer@cali.org>) to submit nominations.

Lecture Capture/Streaming Survey

Hello, fellow techies!

We are in the process of reevaluating how we capture and deliver course
recordings on our campus.

The main campus uses Echo360. We use a combination of (don't laugh) Real's
Helix Producer and a streaming server. This helps since we not only
capture class recordings but events (like panels) as well. The flexibility
is nice. Recordings are organized by class and student access them through
TWEN or through a recording request app we have (long story).

Can legal tech skills help?

This article paints a grim picture for the students we're helping prepare for legal careers. How can we, as IT professionals working in law schools, help our students differentiate themselves in a very tough job market?