Calling all Teknoid Hoarders and Packrats!

2015 will be the 25th CALIcon. I am trying to come up with historical
retrospectives and exhibits to show off how far we've come. If you have
any t-shirts, programs or other information, especially from the early days
and are willing to donate or loan to CALI, please contact me.

Property Law Mobile App

Hello Fellow Noids,

Thought you might be interested in this. One of our faculty members here at South Carolina Law, Ned Snow, just released a mobile app for learning future interests in Property Law. It's called Future Interests Made Simple. Pretty versatile for a law school study-aid app: graphics, diagrams, interactive examples, and lots of practice problems with explanations. I think it works very well.

He used AppNotch, a drag-and-drop programming site to create his apps.

Position posting: IIT Chicago-Kent Research & Faculty Services Librarian: Unit Head

of Law: Home Page]

Research & Faculty Services Librarian: Unit Head

The IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law Library seeks a creative law librarian
with significant supervisory, management, research and technology
experience to serve as the unit head for librarians who provide research
and instructional services to faculty and students of the law school. The
department thinks broadly about the provision of research and instructional
services and serves as a resource to other departments within the
Chicago-Kent community.

ExamSoft Softest Question: Students With Visual Impairments

Hi everyone,

Here at Hofstra we use Examsoft Softest for all exams taken on computer. This semester we have a visually impaired student that wishes to take their exams using their computer. The student has a PC with JAWS installed and through that they're able to effectively use their computer for most purposes. We've never had a student take an exam using JAWS in combination with Examsoft before so I sat down with the student and tested their computer extensively using JAWS in Examsoft's accommodation mode.

Quick question re: @law... email addresses

I thought about doing a quick survey but I just need the answer to two questions and am hoping everyone will take just a minute and reply, either on- or off-list.
We've run our own email server forever (currently Exchange) and every faculty member, staff, and all students have an address. A couple of years ago, within the first few months of his arrival, our current president declared "we are one UNM and everyone will be".

Copyright Clearance

How is everyone handling copyright clearance for documents posted to LMS (blackboard) by professors. Does anyone have policies or procedures in place that they can share. Thank you.

Projector Lamps - low output

I am having a problem with diminished light output with several projectors. We have a mix of projectors, predominately Mitsubishi. Of these, I seem to be having trouble with XD3200U and WD3300U models. (Yes, these are older models.) These two models use the same replacement lamp, VLT-XD3200LP. This is a case of some, not all showing this problem. I suspect my problem is with the lamp, not the projector; though it is curious that our other Mitsubishi models* seem not to be afflicted.

What do you call...


What do you call the office in your law school (if it has one) that handles
things like projectors, microphones, classroom recording, AMX/Crestron
control systems, helping faculty/staff/students set up for PowerPoint
presentations, videoconferences, etc., and what are the job titles of the
full-time staff members who work in that office?


Larry Ross
Lawrence Ross
Head of Electronic Services
Jacob Burns Law Library
George Washington University Law School
716 20th Street NW
Washington, DC 20052

On Tue, Oct 28, 2014 at 2:04 P


Elmer, I know you're suspicious that the CALI site might have been
compromised by the SQL injection vulnerability that was announced back on
Oct. 15. Have any of the rest of you Drupal users seen any evidence you
were hacked?

I patched my sites within 24 hours of the announcement, but word is now
that any site that wasn't patched within 7 hours should be assumed hacked.

I have a multisite Drupal install plus a single-site Drupal site that
belongs to another non-profit; tonight I discovered that the files for the
single site were all deleted.