New Post on Law School Ed Tech blog - Apps in Legal Education

Good afternoon, fellow Teknoids!

I am shamelessly (okay, there's a little shame!) plugging the latest post to the Law School Ed Tech blog, "Apps in Legal Education." As I warn in the post, it's not a very high-tech subject matter, but in the post I do recount my experience teaching legal research apps for the first time this semester.

[CALIcon14] Last day to vote for the sessions you'd like to see!

Today is the last day to vote for sessions you'd like tose included on
the CALIcon14 agenda. I'd encourage everyone to take a look at the
proposed session list at and vote for sessions that
look interesting to you. You do not need to be registered to vote.
Even if you're not going to CALIcon14 you can vote.

We consider a number of things including the number of votes a
proposal has in making the decision to add a session to the agenda, so
voting is important.

video interview/interrogation rooms in clinics

Howdy folks,

First I want to say how bummed I am that I won't get to see many of you and meet some new folks this June in Boston. I had hoped to attend and do a presentation on our big Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop initiative, but alas, it's family beach trip week! I will be in Anaheim and L.A. in early May for the Citrix Synergy con, so if Phil wants to buy me a steak, just tell me where to meet you! ;-)

At the moment I'm e-mailing to inquire about whether any of you has experience in configuring video interview rooms for clinical programs.

CSS Multi-column Print Question

Hi all--

I have an unordered list that is presented on screen in two columns
(using column-count: 2, etc.). So far, I have not been able to present
it in multiple columns when the user prints the page (single column
only). I've done any number of searches on various CSS websites,thought
this would be a fairly straight forward matter, but none of the
solutions are what I'm looking for.

Any advice? Many thanks.

Law School Tech Talk Episode 53, Good bye to XP and the future of desktops, Mon. Apr. 14 at 10 am CT

Join us for our next episode of Law School Tech Talk. Watch live
right hereon
Google Hangouts on Monday, April 14, at 10 am CT. We will talk about
the end of XP and the future of desktops (or even if we'll continue to use
desktops). We hope to see you there.


*About Law School Tech Talk*
Law School Tech Talk is a weekly podcast about all things law school
technology, from servers to tablets to social media.

CMS Survey for Law School Tech Talk

The Law School Tech Talk podcast is planning a future episode on the types
of content management systems that law school websites use. Ed Myers has
created a quick survey
It would be great if we could get a lot of Teknoids to take it when you
have a minute. Thank you!

Debbie Ginsberg, Educational Technology Librarian
IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law Library
565 W. Adams St., Chicago, IL, 60661, 312-906-5673, <>

Vote for the CALIcon14 Sessions You'd Like to See!


With over 90 sessions proposed and only 55 slots over 3 conference
days a lot of tough decisions need to be made in assembling the agenda
for CALIcon14. You can help by voting for the sessions you would like
to see included in the agenda. Your votes are one factor we consider
when deciding which sessions to accept for the CALIcon. Given the
number of proposed sessions this year voting will be a major factor in
selecting sessions.

Voting is easy.

What about that Heartbleed bug?

Good morning folks.

I'm sure you've all heard something about the Heartbleed bug, but
there is a lot of bad/odd info floating around out there. For example
a local TV station here in Atlanta aired a report calling it a virus
and providing generic tips to avoid getting your PC infected. Of
course Heartbleed isn't a virus at all but a bad bug in the widely
used OpenSSL encryption software.