Ongoing instability with the main CALI website


Just wanted to let you know that we've been having issues with the
stability of instances in the CALI web cluster that have taken
offline for extended periods over the last few days. I'd appreciate it
greatly if you would spread the word around your schools and let people
know that if they try the CALI website and it is down or slow they should
wait an hour or so and try again.

We've had a long weekend, but we hope to get the problematic portions of
the cluster rebuilt today.

Monday musing: favorite stylus for writing

I've been using the Bamboo stylus for a couple of years now and I'm thinking trying something new. Any thoughts on a stylus for iPad used for note taking and iAnnotate?

Steve Nelson
Marquette University Law School
Media & Technology Group

New on LLRX - October 2014 / Clients and Suicide; Student Research Resources, Internet of Things

Clients and Suicide: The Lawyer's Dilemma

*Ken Strutin's* article discusses an increasingly visible issue, suicide,
here in the specific context of criminal law. He reviews how the stress of
prosecution or litigation, whether it means risking a prison term,
unemployment, bankruptcy, eviction, broken family relations, isolation, or
other serious consequences can create or exacerbate a vulnerable and
dangerous state of mind in a client.

Any Teknoids at Dreamforce?

Three from Pepperdine...

Phil Bohl

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USC Law 1L Survey Results

Hello Everyone,

For the second year in a row, we did an incoming 1L technology survey. While the number of respondents dropped by twenty four from the year before, we still had twenty five percent of the first year class responded to the survey. Here are some of the interesting numbers;

1. For the second year in a row, 82% of the respondents have an iPhone.

2. It's an Apple World at USC. 74% of the respondents have a Mac Laptop, up nearly 14 percent from a year ago.


Fascinating - Marriott agrees to pay $600K to FCC for blocking convention visitor's attempt to use personal hotspot

Basically active jamming of signal is a big no-no, according to the FCC. As usual with Ars, there are some good comments after the story.

Happy Friday,


Benjamin J. Chapman, J.D.
Asst Dean, Information Technology
Emory University School of Law
404-727-6948 Cell: 404-313-9544
Help requests:

RE: Securing classroom accessories?

We have 4 smaller seminar rooms that we have installed technology into. What we ended up doing was using laptops locked up in a small cage (could use a PC as well, but we were going for the smallest form factor possible) which is displayed on a flat panel TV. We have a wireless keyboard and mouse that the instructor uses which is kept in the cage as well. Now, while we do lock and unlock all of the technology for the instructors (which cut down on the amount of lost keys and such) the keyboards and mice are the most exposed.

RE: Examsoft and ADA issues


Typically ADA accommodations are handled through the University Disability Office (or whatever their title is there). You might be able to contact someone in that office and get their recommendation. It may be something they have had to figure out before.

Good luck!


Kristina L.