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Month March 2022

The ArXiv of the future will not look like the ArXiv

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Lapsus$ and SolarWinds hackers both use the same old trick to bypass MFA

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a core defense that is among the most effective at preventing account takeovers. In addition to requiring that users provide a username and password, MFA ensures they must also use an additional… Continue Reading →

New Google Calendar feature takes the back-and-forth out of scheduling

Enlarge / The new “booking page” UI. This is a URL you can create and send to anyone. (credit: Google) Google Calendar’s latest update promises to take a lot of the back-and-forth out of booking appointments. Google announced Friday that… Continue Reading →

Race Weekend #2 F1 2022 – Saudi Arabia

Cozy61 submitted a new resource: Race Weekend #1 F1 2022 – Saudi Arabia – One stop shop race weekend for F1 2022 Saudi Arabia Individual Race Weekend Presets, Skins and Track with On the Day Drivers View attachment 553632 Updated… Continue Reading →

Flower a Friendly Federated Learning Framework

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‘Wordle’ Creator Says Unauthorized Clones Drove Him to Selling His Game

In January the virally-popular game Wordle was sold to the New York Times for between between $1 million (£758,345) and $5 million. Now the Independent reveals why the game’s creator took that step. “Because so many people were cloning it… Continue Reading →

‘The Plain-Text Internet is Coming’

Protocol reports: The web is overrun with junk. This is so obvious, I almost don’t need to say it. But I will: Between the pop-ups, the autoplaying videos, the cookie banners, the incessant calls for sign-ups, the coupon offers, the… Continue Reading →

Running CP/M on the Raspberry Pi Pico

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Rolling Line: A Model Railroad Simulator

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Is Burnout Just a Sign of a Broken Labor System?

A new essay from The Baffler suggests burnout is “a personal malady that indexes a broken labor system,” rather than a trendy term that “resonates with affluent professionals who fetishize overwork.” And then the essay turns to Jonathan Malesic’s new… Continue Reading →

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