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GSuite legacy users can now get a free personal account, includes Gmail

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Netflix Exploring Live Streaming For First Time

Netflix is going live for the first time. From a report: Deadline understands that the streamer is exploring the launch of live streaming. It plans to roll out the capability, which Netflix confirmed was in the early stages of development,… Continue Reading →

Luna Cryptocurrency’s Collapse Led to Multi-Million-Dollar Exploits, Closure of a Crypto Money Market

The Record reports that the decentralized money market Venus Protocol “announced on Thursday evening about $11 million had been lost due to people exploiting the historic collapse of the Luna cryptocurrency and its sister stablecoin UST.” Venus Protocol and several… Continue Reading →

Heinonline New Law Journal

Nurani Hukum Law Journal Indonesia has a long-standing educational tradition in dual language learning and scholarship. From the early period of scholarly exchanges during the Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms to the  leading to the production of scholars, translating, and interpreting classical Arabic… Continue Reading →

Own Your Calendar and Contacts with OpenBSD, Baïkal, and FOSS Android

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Hackers Are Exploiting WordPress Tools to Hawk Scams

“If you’ve visited a website in recent days and been randomly redirected to the same pages with sketchy “resources” or unwanted ads, it’s likely the site in question was 1) built with WordPress tools and 2) hacked,” reports Gizmodo. Details… Continue Reading →

Dokku – Free Heroku Alternative

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Doctor Who’s 14th Time Lord Announced for 60th-Anniversary Season

Doctor Who’s newest incarnation has been announced. Replacing Jodie Whittaker — and becoming the 14th Doctor Who — is 29-year-old Netflix star Ncuti Gatwa. (In 2020 the Scottish branch of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts awarded him… Continue Reading →

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PowerToys – open-source Windows utilities

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