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Warner Bros. Discovery ceases new HBO Max originals in Europe and shutters Cinemax Go

HBO Max will cease new original programming in parts of Europe and the company will also shut down Cinemax’s TV Everywhere platform, Cinemax Go, as its parent company Warner Bros. Discovery moves through a restructuring. As reported by Variety on… Continue Reading →

The Difference Between Clarified Butter and Ghee

Butter is an ideal dipping sauce for these sweltering summer months, when the artichokes are ready to be steamed and the crab is ready to be boiled. If you’ve eaten much of either of those, you’ve probably noticed they come… Continue Reading →

Darktable 4.0 Released for Open Source RAW Image Editing

Coming more than five months after darktable 3.8.1, the darktable 4.0 release is here to introduce several new features. Learn more here. The post Darktable 4.0 Released for Open Source RAW Image Editing appeared first on Linux Today.    Read… Continue Reading →

FedEx to close data centers, retire all mainframes by 2024, saving $400m

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Opening up our code and logic for algorithmic decision-making

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Vim 9.0 Released

After many years of gradual improvement Vim now takes a big step with a major release. Besides many small additions the spotlight is on a new incarnation of the Vim script language: Vim9 script. Why Vim9 script: A new script… Continue Reading →

Microsoft Finds ‘Raspberry Robin’ Worm in Hundreds of Windows Networks

“Microsoft says that a recently spotted Windows worm has been found on the networks of hundreds of organizations from various industry sectors,” reports BleepingComputer. The “Raspberry Robin” malware (first spotted in September) spreads through USB devices with a malicious .LNK… Continue Reading →

Indie Microblogging

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This came straight from a twitter thread, no editing. #interop I’ve never thought I’d get any insights from drawing graph-like pictures of my outlines. I work fast. My outlines are snapshots of what I’m doing in projects on a day… Continue Reading →

Electric Vehicle Manufacturing is Spreading – But Funded By SUV and Truck Sales

Slashdot reader DevNull127 writes: GM plans to spend $35 billion on EVs and autonomous vehicles by 2025 (and produce a whopping 400,000 EVs). Jeep’s parent company Stellantis will invest $35.5 billion in electrification and software, producing 25 all-electric vehicles by… Continue Reading →

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