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OpenAI Delays Launch of Custom GPT Store Until Early 2024

According to Axios, OpenAI is delaying the launch of a GPT store until early next year. The store was expected to open last month. From the report: OpenAI’s announcement of custom GPTs and the accompanying store was a highlight of… Continue Reading →

Good old-fashioned AI remains viable in spite of the rise of LLMs

Remember a year ago, all the way back to last November before we knew about ChatGPT, when machine learning was all about building models to solve for a single task like loan approvals or fraud protection? That approach seemed to… Continue Reading →

2023-12-01 17:08:40

WordPress.org has a site where people share Creative Commons licensed photos. We asked them to support image enclosures (aka artcasting) in their feed. They just did. And as a result their flow looks outstanding on FeedLand, which totally supports this… Continue Reading →

digiKam 8.2 Open-Source Photo Management App Is Now Available for Download

digiKam 8.2 is here after about four months after the digiKam 8.1 release, which introduced four new templates for 6.8-inch photo papers in the Print Creator feature, added the ability to remove all face tags from selected items and to… Continue Reading →

Open-Source Webmail Roundcube Joins Nextcloud

Roundcube, one of the best open-source web-based email clients around, has decided to team up with Nextcloud, a popular open-source collaboration platform that is known for its suite of collaboration tools. The post Open-Source Webmail Roundcube Joins Nextcloud appeared first… Continue Reading →

HTML hacks that shaped the Internet

Comments Link to original post https://tedium.co/2023/11/24/weird-html-hacks-history/ from Teknoids NewsRead the original story

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Google Researchers’ Attack Prompts ChatGPT To Reveal Its Training Data

Jason Koebler reports via 404 Media: A team of researchers primarily from Google’s DeepMind systematically convinced ChatGPT to reveal snippets of the data it was trained on using a new type of attack prompt which asked a production model of… Continue Reading →

Steam drops macOS Mojave support, effectively ending life for many 32-bit games

Enlarge / macOS Mojave’s wallpaper. (credit: Apple) Valve Software’s Steam gaming marketplace and app will drop support for macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) and 10.14 (Mojave), according to a support page post. The change will go into effect on February 15,… Continue Reading →

ownCloud Vulnerability With Maximum 10 Severity Score Comes Under ‘Mass’ Exploitation

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Security researchers are tracking what they say is the “mass exploitation” of a security vulnerability that makes it possible to take full control of servers running ownCloud, a widely used open… Continue Reading →

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