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Storybook 7.6 Is Here

Comments Link to original post https://storybook.js.org/blog/storybook-7-6/ from Teknoids NewsRead the original story

Is anyone using self hosted LLM day to day and training it like a new employee

Comments Link to original post https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=38476038 from Teknoids NewsRead the original story

New Scripting News home page

It’s been five years since I re-did the Scripting News home page. It was overdue. The new version isn’t all that different on the surface from the previous version, here’s a list of things to look at. Blog, the first… Continue Reading →


Comments Link to original post https://qtransformer.github.io/ from Teknoids NewsRead the original story

Meet Your LIT-SIS Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, Michael Robak

Michael Robak In this series, we’re getting to know our LIT-SIS board. In this third installment, Michael Robak, LIT-SIS Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, answers a few questions. Read on to get to know more about Michael! 1) Tell us about your path to… Continue Reading →

Three ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Titles Are Coming To Netflix

On December 14, 2023, three Grand Theft Auto games will officially become available for Netflix members on the App Store, Google Play, and in the Netflix mobile app. IGN reports: Those who can’t wait to jump into Grand Theft Auto… Continue Reading →

Roundcube Open-Source Webmail Software Merges With Nextcloud

Michael Larabel reports via Phoronix: The open-source Roundcube webmail software project has “merged” with Nextcloud, the prominent open-source personal cloud software. In boosting Nextcloud’s webmail software capabilities, Roundcube is joining Nextcloud as what’s been described as a merger. In 2024… Continue Reading →

Amazon Finally Releases Its Own AI-Powered Image Generator

During a keynote at its re:Invent conference today, Amazon debuted the Titan Image Generator, which can create new images or customize existing images via a text description. It’s now available in preview for AWS customers on Bedrock, Amazon’s AI development… Continue Reading →

Netflix lands its first big-name games with Grand Theft Auto trilogy

Enlarge / The enhanced edition trilogy includes Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. (credit: Rockstar Games) Netflix subscribers will be able to play the three original 3D Grand Theft Auto games… Continue Reading →

Package and deploy models faster with new tools and guided workflows in Amazon SageMaker

I’m happy to share that Amazon SageMaker now comes with an improved model deployment experience to help you deploy traditional machine learning (ML) models and foundation models (FMs) faster. As a data scientist or ML practitioner, you can now use… Continue Reading →

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