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Asus will offer local ChatGPT-style AI servers for office use

Enlarge / The ASUS logo in front of an AI-generated background. (credit: ASUS / Stable Diffusion) Taiwan’s Asustek Computer (known popularly as “Asus”) plans to introduce a rental business AI server that will operate on-site to address security concerns and… Continue Reading →

No Man’s Sky launches on Mac starting today

British video game company Hello Games announced today that No Man’s Sky is launching on Macs starting today. The action-adventure survival game is available for Mac users on Steam now and will be coming to the Mac App Store shortly…. Continue Reading →

Show HN: I made CSS Pro, a re-imagined Devtools for web design

Comments Link to original post https://csspro.com/ from Teknoids NewsRead the original story

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Transitions to Extended Security Maintenance

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS will continue the tradition of offering commercial support in the form of extended security maintenance. The post Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Transitions to Extended Security Maintenance appeared first on Linux Today. Link to original post https://www.linuxtoday.com/news/ubuntu-18-04-lts-transitions-to-extended-security-maintenance/ from Teknoids… Continue Reading →

Brave Releases Its Search API

Brave has launched its Brave Search API, allowing third parties to integrate its privacy-preserving and ad-free search results into their applications through a simple API call. Thurrott reports: Brave notes that its Search API is inexpensive and that it’s a… Continue Reading →

Federal judge: No AI in my courtroom unless a human verifies its accuracy

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | the-lightwriter) A federal judge in Texas has a new rule for lawyers in his courtroom: No submissions written by artificial intelligence unless the AI’s output is checked by a human. US District Judge Brantley Starr… Continue Reading →

Zulip 7.0: Threaded open-source team chat

Comments Link to original post https://blog.zulip.com/2023/05/31/zulip-7-0-released/ from Teknoids NewsRead the original story

The original Chromecast hits end of life after a decade of service

The original Chromecast. (credit: Google) Rest now, little Chromecast. Google has announced the decade-old Chromecast 1 is finally hitting end of life. A message on Google’s Chromecast firmware support page (first spotted by 9to5Google) announced the wind-down of support, saying,… Continue Reading →

Ask HN: What’s the best self hosted/local alternative to GPT-4?

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US Army Maj. Gen. George H. Thomas’ journey from enslaver to Union officer to civil rights defender

Gen. George H. Thomas, who fought for the Union army during the Civil War, stands in uniform for a photo. Heritage Images/ Hulton ArchiveAs Southern states tear down Confederate statues and the military removes the names of Confederate generals from… Continue Reading →

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