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Month November 2023

Google Researchers’ Attack Prompts ChatGPT To Reveal Its Training Data

Jason Koebler reports via 404 Media: A team of researchers primarily from Google’s DeepMind systematically convinced ChatGPT to reveal snippets of the data it was trained on using a new type of attack prompt which asked a production model of… Continue Reading →

Steam drops macOS Mojave support, effectively ending life for many 32-bit games

Enlarge / macOS Mojave’s wallpaper. (credit: Apple) Valve Software’s Steam gaming marketplace and app will drop support for macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) and 10.14 (Mojave), according to a support page post. The change will go into effect on February 15,… Continue Reading →

ownCloud Vulnerability With Maximum 10 Severity Score Comes Under ‘Mass’ Exploitation

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Security researchers are tracking what they say is the “mass exploitation” of a security vulnerability that makes it possible to take full control of servers running ownCloud, a widely used open… Continue Reading →

Storybook 7.6 Is Here

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Is anyone using self hosted LLM day to day and training it like a new employee

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New Scripting News home page

It’s been five years since I re-did the Scripting News home page. It was overdue. The new version isn’t all that different on the surface from the previous version, here’s a list of things to look at. Blog, the first… Continue Reading →


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Meet Your LIT-SIS Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, Michael Robak

Michael Robak In this series, we’re getting to know our LIT-SIS board. In this third installment, Michael Robak, LIT-SIS Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, answers a few questions. Read on to get to know more about Michael! 1) Tell us about your path to… Continue Reading →

Three ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Titles Are Coming To Netflix

On December 14, 2023, three Grand Theft Auto games will officially become available for Netflix members on the App Store, Google Play, and in the Netflix mobile app. IGN reports: Those who can’t wait to jump into Grand Theft Auto… Continue Reading →

Roundcube Open-Source Webmail Software Merges With Nextcloud

Michael Larabel reports via Phoronix: The open-source Roundcube webmail software project has “merged” with Nextcloud, the prominent open-source personal cloud software. In boosting Nextcloud’s webmail software capabilities, Roundcube is joining Nextcloud as what’s been described as a merger. In 2024… Continue Reading →

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