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2022-08-18 13:11:48

Why now? RSS 2.0 will be twenty years old on September 18. One month from today. I’m working on something pretty big for that day, maybe it’ll be out a bit earlier, who knows. But in the meantime, here’s something… Continue Reading →

How gay rodeos upend assumptions about life in rural America

The misguided assumption that rural America is hopelessly backward and bigoted erases centuries of same-sex relationships in rural communities. It tells young queer people that they must flee their rural hometowns to far-flung cities in order to find safety and… Continue Reading →

Building On Its Acquisition of Afterpattern, NetDocuments Launches PatternBuilder to Automate Legal Documents Natively

Last November, the document management company NetDocuments acquired Afterpattern, a no-code toolkit that law firms and legal teams can use to build apps and automate legal documents and workflows, promising at the time that it would be natively integrated into… Continue Reading →

Embracer enters into agreement to acquire The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit IP

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CVE-2022-38392 – Janet Jackson Song as vulnerability

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Where’s the feed?

With all the talk today about feeds for Twitter with Markdown that work in any feed reader, it’s time for me to show you something for real that isn’t hype. ???? This is the feed of my tweets. http://tweetfeed.org/davewiner/rss.xml You… Continue Reading →

A Caribbean ‘Cow’ Tooth Could Solve the Mystery of the Chincoteague Ponies

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Burnout Turned Twitch Streamers’ Dreams of Playing Games Into Nightmares

An anonymous reader quotes a report from NPR: Stephen Flavall makes his living by playing video games to an audience of thousands on Twitch. When he first started streaming, he only had about fifteen people at a time watching him…. Continue Reading →

Report: Windows 11 22H2 update will be released on September 20

Enlarge / A selection of apps from the Microsoft Store. (credit: Microsoft) Windows 11’s first major update, also called Windows 11 22H2, is due to be released to the public on September 20, according to separate reports from The Verge… Continue Reading →

Linux Kernel 6.0 RC1 is out with Run-Time Kernel Verification

A summary of the changes in Linux Kernel 6.0 RC1, which spans processors, networking, storage, graphics, and other Kernel modules. The post Linux Kernel 6.0 RC1 is out with Run-Time Kernel Verification appeared first on Linux Today.    Read the… Continue Reading →

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