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Raspberry Pi 5 Announced

jizmonkey writes: The new version of Raspberry Pi is priced at $60 for the 4GB variant, and $80 for its 8GB sibling, and virtually every aspect of the platform has been upgraded. The new CPU is twice as fast and… Continue Reading →

Amazon Bedrock Is Now Generally Available – Build and Scale Generative AI Applications with Foundation Models

This April, we announced Amazon Bedrock as part of a set of new tools for building with generative AI on AWS. Amazon Bedrock is a fully managed service that offers a choice of high-performing foundation models (FMs) from leading AI… Continue Reading →

Raspberry Pi 5

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US federal government and 17 states launch antitrust lawsuit against Amazon

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and 17 states sued Amazon on Tuesday for anticompetitive conduct that, they claim, has helped it maintain its “monopoly power” in the online superstore market and the online marketplace services market. The federal and… Continue Reading →

Tech Layoffs Are All But a Thing of the Past

Alex Wilhelm writes via TechCrunch: Layoffs in the technology industry have slowed sharply in recent months, bringing the number of jobs lost to tech’s efficiency push to a near stop. According to several services that track layoffs in the tech… Continue Reading →

Intel Reiterates: Next-gen Meteor Lake CPUs Aren’t Coming To Most Desktops

An anonymous reader shares a report: Intel’s Meteor Lake processor architecture promises to be its most interesting in recent history, but we’ve known for a while now that Intel isn’t planning to launch a version for socketed desktop motherboards like… Continue Reading →

The Llama Ecosystem: Past, Present, and Future

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Hackers are spoofing themselves as GitHub’s Dependabot to steal user passwords

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New York judge finds Trump committed fraud, orders cancellation of business licenses

A New York judge found on Tuesday that former President Donald Trump and his business associates committed fraud by lying about the financial valuation of various business assets from as early as 2011. In doing so, Judge Arthur Engoron granted… Continue Reading →

10 out-of-sight Google Pixel shortcuts worth surfacing

The funny thing about owning a Google Pixel phone is that you never know what interesting new treasures might be making their way into your world at any given moment.Most mere mortals never notice, but Google’s constantly sending out software… Continue Reading →

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