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Drupal 11.0 will require PHP 8.3 and MySQL 8.0

Drupal 11 development has reached a point where the system requirements are being raised in the development branch. To prepare core developers for this and to inform the community at large, we are announcing the following requirements for Drupal 11…. Continue Reading →

Drupal and CKEditor: a history of advanced content editing | CKEditor

Explore the evolution of content editing in Drupal with CKEditor 5, uncover key features, real-world applications, and future plans. Source: Drupal and CKEditor: a history of advanced content editing | CKEditor Read the original story

Drupal 11 is now open for development, Drupal 10.3.x is branched

Starting today, the Drupal 11.x branch is used for building the next major Drupal version, Drupal 11. This means that major version specific changes can now happen on the Drupal 11.x branch. This includes dependency and requirements updates and removal… Continue Reading →

Drupal core committers look to remove support for Windows in production in Drupal 11

Drupal added support for IIS in 2010 and we have supported that and WAMP (Running Apache and PHP on Windows). Unfortunately, we have never been able to provide automated testing for these environments. And since 2010, the use of Microsoft… Continue Reading →

Notes on better search 8/18/2023

Goal: better, more focused search for In general the plan is to scrape the site to a vector database, enable embeddings of the vector db in Llama 2, provide API endpoints to search/find things. Hints and pointers. Llama2-webui –… Continue Reading →

From A Drupal developer’s guide to Progressive Web Apps

Here is an outlined approach to PWA implementation for a Drupal site, but other options are certainly available with similar designs. Source: A Drupal developer’s guide to Progressive Web Apps Read the original story

Resources on using ddev for Drupal 9 development, Windows edition

Resources Here’s a list of resources to get you started with DDEV and Drupal 9. As with setting up any new development (or production) environment there are a lot of moving parts and it take some time to get it… Continue Reading →

Drupal 8 end of life and future Drupal 10 release

Drupal 10 is coming in 2022 — discover what new features it is going to include, and what to do with Drupal 8 and Drupal 7 websites in relation to their end-of-life. Source: Drupal 8 end of life and future… Continue Reading →

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