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Amazon To Shut Down Its Online Learning Platform in India

Amazon will be shutting down Amazon Academy, an online learning platform it launched in India for high-school students last year. From a report: The retailer says it will wind down the edtech service in the country in a phased manner… Continue Reading →

Maven’s a16z-backed live learning platform pivots from creators to experts

Maven, co-founded by Udemy’s Gagan Biyani and AltMBA’s Wes Kao, began in 2020 with a startup idea that perfectly combined two booming sectors: the creator economy and edtech. The startup sold cohort-based classes, led by creators and influencers, to students…. Continue Reading →

What Happened After a High School Banned Mobile Phones?

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that a local high school “has seen a dramatic decrease in behavioural issues and a boost in physical activity and students talking to each other just two months after it tightened restrictions on mobile phone… Continue Reading →

You Can Now Get Eight More Free COVID Tests by Mail

First you could request four free rapid tests from the government. Then you could request four more. Now, there’s a third round of offerings, and this time you’ll get eight tests, for a grand total of 16 per household. Now… Continue Reading →

Another Standardized Test Falls? America’s Law Schools Could Stop Using the LSAT

America’s law schools “would be given a green light to end admission test requirements,” reports the Washington Post, “under a recommendation from a key committee of the American Bar Association that is scheduled for review in a public meeting this… Continue Reading →

Why these Udemy execs left to build a better Udemy

Darren Shimkus spent five years scaling Udemy, a corporate learning business, from $1 million in annual recurring revenue to $100 million. Eight months before the education company went public, though, Shimkus left his gig as president of Udemy Business to… Continue Reading →

Edtech startups flock to the promise and potential of personalized learning

The rise of remote instruction left many parents freshly aware of (and annoyed by) the shortcomings of Zoom school, but for Letha McLaren, COVID-19 brought an epiphany: the importance of a headset. McLaren’s son, who deals with executive dysfunction, was… Continue Reading →

Putting a Spotlight on Civics Education: How Law Librarians Are Helping to Bridge the Access to Justice Gap

Diane M. Rodriguez Assistant Director of the San Francisco Law Library in California, and 2021–22 president of the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL), where one of her many goals is to advocate for access to legal information that supports… Continue Reading →

Yale, Georgetown, Other Top Schools Illegally Collude To Limit Student Financial Aid, Lawsuit Alleges

Sixteen major U.S. universities, including Yale University, Georgetown University and Northwestern University, are being sued for alleged antitrust violations because of the way they work together to determine financial-aid awards for students. From a report: According to a lawsuit filed… Continue Reading →

Study Finds ‘Serious Security Risks’ In K-12 School Apps

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Record: Many apps used by schools contain features that can lead to the “unregulated and out of control” sharing of student data to advertising companies and other security issues, according to a… Continue Reading →

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