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Hugging Face and ServiceNow release a free code-generating model

AI startup Hugging Face and ServiceNow Research, ServiceNow’s R&D division, have released StarCoder, a free alternative to code-generating AI systems along the lines of GitHub’s Copilot. Code-generating systems like DeepMind’s AlphaCode; Amazon’s CodeWhisperer; and OpenAI’s Codex, which powers Copilot, provide… Continue Reading →

Atlassian brings an AI assistant to Jira and Confluence

Atlassian today announced the launch of Atlassian Intelligence, the company’s AI-driven “virtual teammate” that leverages the company’s own models in conjunction with OpenAI’s large language models to create custom teamwork graphs and enable features like AI-generated summaries in Confluence and… Continue Reading →

With Bedrock, Amazon enters the generative AI race

Amazon is throwing its hat into the generative AI ring. But rather than build AI models entirely by itself, it’s recruiting third parties to host models on AWS. AWS today unveiled Amazon Bedrock, which provides a way to build generative… Continue Reading →

LMS365, a learning management system built into Microsoft 365 and Teams, raises $20M

Danish company LMS365, an online learning management system (LMS) built for use inside Microsoft products, has raised $20 million in its first institutional round of funding. Used by companies including logistics giant Hellmann and soda bottling franchise G&J Pepsi, LMS365 allows… Continue Reading →

Databricks open-sources a model like ChatGPT, flaws and all

The march toward an open source ChatGPT-like AI continues. Today, Databricks released Dolly 2.0, a text-generating AI model that can power apps like chatbots, text summarizers and basic search engines. It’s the successor to the first-generation Dolly, which was released… Continue Reading →

Nvidia partners with Google Cloud to launch AI-focused hardware instances

In partnership with Google, Nvidia today launched a new cloud hardware offering, the L4 platform, optimized to run video-focused applications. Available in private preview on Google Cloud through Google’s G2 virtual machines, Nvidia says that the L4 platform is designed… Continue Reading →

Nvidia launches new cloud services and partnerships to train generative AI

At its annual GPU Technology Conference, Nvidia announced a set of cloud services designed to help businesses build and run generative AI models trained on custom data and created for “domain-specific tasks,” like writing ad copy. Under the brand Nvidia… Continue Reading →

Twilio cuts 17% of its workforce just months after previous round of layoffs

Twilio just announced that it will be conducting a round of layoffs that will impact around 17% of its global workforce. The company will also restructure its internal organization and create two business units — Twilio Communications and Twilio Data &… Continue Reading →

Penpot, the open-source platform for designers and their coders, draws up $12M as users jump to 250K

Open source projects continue to stand out as compelling alternatives to proprietary software for those who are looking for more flexibility or price leverage in the tools that they use to work. Today one of the juggernauts in the space… Continue Reading →

Netlify acquires front-end platform Gatsby

Web development platform Netlify today announced that it has acquired its competitor Gatsby, the company behind the opensource GatsbyJS framework. Gatsby, which had raised a total of $46.8 million, including a $28 million Series B led by Index Ventures in… Continue Reading →

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