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What is inode in Linux?

In this article, you’ll learn what an inode is, how to check an inode and its size, and its role in soft/hard links and system updates. The post What is inode in Linux? appeared first on Linux Today. 1673648828… Continue Reading →

Open Source video editor OpenShot 3.0 now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux

One of the big reasons some people don’t switch to Linux is a lack of video editors. While it’s true there are more video editing programs on macOS and Windows, there are some great options on Linux too, such as… Continue Reading →

Blender 3.4 Releases With Native Wayland Support on Linux

The biggest change in Blender 3.4 is the enablement of native support for the next-generation Wayland windowing environment on GNU/Linux systems. The post Blender 3.4 Releases With Native Wayland Support on Linux appeared first on Linux Today. 1670634669 post… Continue Reading →

LibreOffice 7.3 Gets Last Maintenance Update, Users Urged to Upgrade

LibreOffice 7.3.7 includes 28 bug fixes that address last remaining issues reported by users or discovered by the LibreOffice developers. Learn more here. The post LibreOffice 7.3 Gets Last Maintenance Update, Users Urged to Upgrade appeared first on Linux Today…. Continue Reading →

Linux Lite 6.2 is based on Ubuntu 22.04.1 and available for download right now

Last week, the Linux community was abuzz with excitement over the release of Zorin OS 16.2. That operating system is notable for being designed for Windows switchers. Today, yet another such distribution that focuses on former Windows users is released… Continue Reading →

The easier way to install Steam on Linux gets bleeding-edge graphics support

Enlarge / Steam, installed from the Snap Store, looks and feels a lot like Steam. You just see this interface a bit sooner, without a bunch of tabs open to find the right dependencies. (credit: Canonical / Valve) Installing Steam… Continue Reading →

37-year-old Amiga platform gets updates to Linux kernel, AmigaOS SDK

Enlarge / Linux 6.0, implemented in a Fienix distribution on dedicated Amiga user xeno74’s desktop. (credit: xeno74 / Hyperion Entertainment) The last commercial Amiga computer available for sale was the AmigaOne X5000, a PowerPC-based revival machine released in 2017. The… Continue Reading →

Bad DIMM on Linus Torvalds’ Desktop System Moves Kernel Merges to His Laptop

When a kernel developer asked Linus Torvalds if he’d missed a Git pull, Torvalds “revealed the request was still in his queue as ‘I’m doing merges (very slowly) on my laptop, while waiting for new ECC memory DIMMs to arrive,’”… Continue Reading →

Linux kernel 5.19.12 code could cause permanent damage to some laptop displays

Enlarge / It’s not specific to Framework, but a number of Framework-owning Linux enthusiasts saw a kernel quirk set their screens flickering this week, potentially with lasting damage. (credit: Andrew Cunningham) For desktop Linux users, updating to a new Linux… Continue Reading →

Linux 6.0 arrives with support for newer chips, core fixes, and oddities

Enlarge / And there was much rejoicing, as a new Linux kernel version had arrived before its founder ran out of fingers and toes for counting. (credit: Getty Images) A stable version of Linux 6.0 is out, with 15,000 non-merge… Continue Reading →

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