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Microsoft confirms Wi-Fi issue caused by update, issues rollback as temporary fix

Microsoft has offered a temporary fix to Windows users for Wi-Fi related issues after a Windows 11 update that compromised wireless connections on public, education, and enterprise networks.The move is a response to reports from Windows users that they were… Continue Reading →

Senator Warren calls out Apple for shutting down Beeper’s ‘iMessage to Android’ solution

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is throwing her weight behind Beeper, the app that allowed Android users to message iPhone users via iMessage, until Apple shut it down. Warren, an advocate for stricter antitrust enforcement, posted her support for Beeper… Continue Reading →

Apple launches MLX machine-learning framework for Apple Silicon

Apple’s machine learning (ML) teams have released a new ML framework for Apple Silicon: MLX, or ML Explore arrives after being tested over the summer and is now  available through GitHub.Machine Learning for Apple Silicon In an X-note, Awni Hannun, of… Continue Reading →

Amazon shuts down its personal file storage service to focus on photos

Amazon’s consumer-focused storage service, Amazon Drive, will wind down over the next year, Amazon announced today. In an email to users, the company said that it was taking the opportunity to “more fully focus” its efforts on Amazon Photos, Amazon’s… Continue Reading →

Apple confirms the scale of App Store fraud

Apple says millions of fraudulent attempts are made against the App Store and its users each year. The company prevented $1.5 billion in fraudulent transactions in 2021, it said, in line with similar levels of fraud in 2020.How people attempt… Continue Reading →

Why is Zynga worth a whopping $12.7 billion? (Hint: It’s not FarmVille)

Enlarge / The company that publishes Grand Theft Auto now owns all of these goofballs, too… (credit: Zynga) Major console game publisher Take-Two has acquired social and mobile gaming giant Zynga for a whopping $12.7 billion in cash and stock,… Continue Reading →

Honeycomb, a private social app for families, raises $4M seed round

A women-led startup called Honeycomb is launching its private social app for families, backed by $4 million in seed funding led by Peter Boyce at Stellation Capital. Now out of private beta, the app offers families a way to curate… Continue Reading →

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