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Job Opportunity - Cleveland-Marshall College of Law - Manager, Technology Operations

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law at Cleveland State University seeks Manger, Technology Operations. Please share with any qualified individuals:

Job Summary: Manages computer systems and technology-related responsibilities for the College of Law, and participates in development of short and long term strategic planning for College systems. Ensures the provision of information technology services to facilitate administrative operations, classroom instruction, distance education programs, and Law Library services.

[CALIcon15] Only 1 week to submit session proposals!

It may be hard to believe, but the deadline for submitting proposals is
just 1 week away. All session proposals must be submitted through the
CALIcon15 website by the end of the day on Friday, April 3, 2015. With over
50 proposals already in it's shaping up to be a great conference, but there
are still spaces open. If you've been thinking about submitting a session
you really need to do it now.

#CALIcon15: Time to get those session proposals in


Just a reminder that the deadline for submitting session proposals for the
25th Annual CALI Conference for Law School Computing is Friday, April 3,
2015. That's only a little more than 10 days to get a shot at a slot on the
agenda. We've got over 3 dozen great proposals already and with 50+ slots
to fill we've still got room for you to come tell us about how your law
school is using tech.

McAfee DLP Endpoint

Have you been part of a campus-wide data loss protection project and, if so, would you be willing to share your experience with me off list?

FIU is implementing McAfee's DLP Endpoint and I have questions regarding how this plays out in the real world, especially as relates to law clinic client files, faculty projects that include pro bono service to the community and general use of public computers in the library.

Any comments/commentary welcome. Thanks -


Teresa C. Stanton

Looking for co-panelists for CALICON15

Hi all,
I am thinking of putting together a panel of folks who use CALI lessons in
interesting ways or who have authored their own lessons for their students.

Obviously, I know authors that I work with on CALI lessons! And, I am
looking for folks that I might not know about as they are doing cool things
just within the 4 walls of their law school.

If you have a colleague who you think would be good for this panel, would
you please let me know.


Pharos and Printing Driver File

What about uploading .ZIP files or .DMG for Mac?


Michael Jewell, CCDA, CCNA-Routing & Switching, CCNA-Voice & Security, Cisco Firewall Specialist
University of Maryland School of Law
Information Technology Department

From: [] On Behalf Of Lisa Davis
Sent: Monday, March 09, 2015 10:17 AM
Subject: [teknoids] Pharos and Printing Driver File


We used to have Pharos printing driver files for Win and Mac housed in our Wordpress website as att

#CALIcon15 : Only 4 weeks to submit a session proposal!

The deadline for submitting sessions proposals for CALIcon15. We're seeing
good proposals that cover stuff in the classroom and in the library, but it
would be awesome to get some actual computer sessions on the schedule.
After all is it the CALI Conference for Law School COMPUTING. There have
been a number of good discussions here of late that would make for
interesting sessions at CALIcon15.

Campus alert system

What campus alert system is everyone using? We have been using a texting
alert system that is part of our student account system, and as of late it
is not reliable. I am starting to look at a replacement system.

Harold Bieber
Atlanta's John Marshall Law School

Followup on NAT and whitelisting of law school IP addresses

Wanted to thank everyone who got back to us about NAT'd networks. We
shutdown the filters over the weekend because we were banning too many law
schools and individual law students. There is no need to send us any IP
addresses because we aren't going to turn the filters back on.

Sam, Dan, and I spent some time this morning going over the processes and
code that drive the CALI Lesson system and found a likely culprit that had
been overlooked in the past.

[Important] Are you using NAT and pushing all student traffic through a single public IP address?

This is a very important message as it may affect your schools ability to
access Please make sure that this message gets to whoever is
in charge of the networking for your law school.

On Monday CALI put in place a new load balancer and firewall to help
control a long running botnet attack against our web servers. The new set
up provided us with the opportunity to track a very specific attack
signature and block IP addresses that were sending the bad traffic.