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Trial Software for Clinics

Is anyone using trial software in their litigation clinics? I'm looking for something that runs on iOS and, ideally, is free, at least for clinics.


James A.


Dear Teknoids,

Does anyone have working stanzas for IFAR and Environmental Law Reporter

The OCLC page for database stanzas

does not include these databases.

Many thanks,

Alba Holgado
Digital Course Management Coordinator
Robert Crown Law Library

O365 Mac Metadata

I am looking for instructions on removing personal identifying metadata in Office 365 Mac Word. Our campus prohibits installing O365 on university machines, so I have not been able to spend any time looking at it.

I worked with a student to remove metadata. We tackled all the track changes and comments and then edited the file/properties to remove personal identifying information. He saved it as a test file.

Shameless session plug and call for participation

Howdy all and happy Friday!
Since Elmer brought up the CALIcon16 keynote speakers (very awesome!), I wanted to mention that a three of us (Ben Chapman, Phil Bohl, and moi) submitted a session called "Ch-ch-ch-changes: The Evolving Role of the Law School IT Department". Our hope is that it will be a very interactive session with lots of audience participation. We would love to hear about changes - both positive and maybe not-so-great - that you've survived. Phil tells me that they have hard hats hanging in the IT department and are the Pepperdine fixit guys. I've had 8 bosses in 17 years.

[CALIcon16] Keynote speakers announced - Hugh McGuire + Michael Feldstein

Happy Friday!

Just wanted to take a moment to share the announcement of our great
keynotes for CALIcon16, June 16 - 18 2016 at Georgia State University
College of Law in Atlanta, Form the blog

"Hugh McGuire, founder of Pressbooks, an online book publishing
platform and Michael Feldstein, a Partner at MindWires Consulting, a
consulting firm helping schools, educational companies, and
policy-makers navigate the new world of digital education will be the
keynote speakers at the 26th Annual CALIcon Conference.

[CALIcon16] Vote for the sessions you'd like to see on the agenda


Looks like we're going to have a pretty interesting agenda at
CALIcon16 based on the strength of the proposed sessions
( The conference will cover a lot of topics of
interest to all Teknoids, and we can use your help in selecting

Voting for sessions you'd like to see on the agenda is now open and
will remain open through 11:59 PM on Friday April 29. The number of
votes for a session will be taken into consideration as part of the
session acceptance process and to help with scheduling.

2nd Monitor for Student Laptop users on campus?

Just wondering if anyone has setup monitors for students to plug their laptops on while in the law building or law library? I thought I remembered some discussion about a law school experimenting with this a few years ago. Just wondering how the experiment went.

I love the idea in theory, but not sure how well it would work in practice.