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Can legal tech skills help?

This article paints a grim picture for the students we're helping prepare for legal careers. How can we, as IT professionals working in law schools, help our students differentiate themselves in a very tough job market?

Westlaw Registration Issues?


A small but significant number of our new students are having problems
registering Westlaw accounts. When they enter their registration codes,
they're getting a message saying that the code is already in use. The
codes are nice, fresh registration codes, and the from the "West Admin"
interface I can see that the codes are "Not registered". Westlaw Tech
Support can fix it on a case-by-case basis, but I don't think that's a
practical solution.

ICYMI: Cool Tools and Karaoke with Ken

¡Hola teknoids and CS-SIS! In case y'all missed it, Chicago's own Debbie Ginsberg folks blogged on the CALL Bulletin website about the Cool Tools Deep Dive and Karaoke with Ken at the AALL annual meeting this past July. Great pics! Wish I could have made both.

For AALL members: propose and vote for topics for next year's annual meeting by Aug. 18

Hi, Teknoids:

First: please excuse the cross-posting for some of you and the irrelevancy
for others. We're trying to reach as many AALL members as we can. That
said, this Idealscale platform I mention below is pretty interesting.
Maybe it could be used for other conferences and projects that need to
gather ideas?

Second: I am a member of the 2016 Annual Meeting Program Committee. We
would like to know what you'd like to see in Chicago next year.

Accomdation Software

Checking whether law schools have policies of installing accommodation software such as JAWS or MAGic as a matter of just in case or just in time.

Will happily share the results of what I learn with the list.

Edward T.

Sending texts to students

Our administration is discussing the possibility of using their computers to send texts to prospective and incoming students. This is not for emergencies, the University has that covered, but for general announcements and communication.

We've looked at a number of commercial web-based services. (At this point, we're really not interested in developing our own APIs or other code.) I was wondering if anyone has had experience, good or bad, with MoboMix or (from the same company but with a few more features) Ez Texting?



John W.

Drupal and Ubercart for e-commerce

I'm working on a Drupal site where we're selling user roles that permit access to restricted content. We've been trying to use Ubercart to allow unauthenticated users to select the role they want, hop out to Paypal to pay, and then come back to the site and get started.

However, in our testing none of the orders ever get to completion. We're using the PayPal sandbox, and as far as we can tell it's configured correctly. A less pressing problem is that the way Ubercart passes users back to our site is inelegant.

Communal communications, how do you do it?

Greetings to all from a hoping-for-something-better summertime oasis of the mind . . .

Here at Georgia Law, we remain largely reliant on a "honeycomb" of listservs < > for law school community communications - especially among and between law school groupings of faculty, staff and administrators.

We are wondering: which channels are important at your law school?

Does your community employ fac/staff/admin groupings that seem to be useful?