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Sending texts to students

Our administration is discussing the possibility of using their computers to send texts to prospective and incoming students. This is not for emergencies, the University has that covered, but for general announcements and communication.

We've looked at a number of commercial web-based services. (At this point, we're really not interested in developing our own APIs or other code.) I was wondering if anyone has had experience, good or bad, with MoboMix or (from the same company but with a few more features) Ez Texting?



John W.

Drupal and Ubercart for e-commerce

I'm working on a Drupal site where we're selling user roles that permit access to restricted content. We've been trying to use Ubercart to allow unauthenticated users to select the role they want, hop out to Paypal to pay, and then come back to the site and get started.

However, in our testing none of the orders ever get to completion. We're using the PayPal sandbox, and as far as we can tell it's configured correctly. A less pressing problem is that the way Ubercart passes users back to our site is inelegant.

Communal communications, how do you do it?

Greetings to all from a hoping-for-something-better summertime oasis of the mind . . .

Here at Georgia Law, we remain largely reliant on a "honeycomb" of listservs < > for law school community communications - especially among and between law school groupings of faculty, staff and administrators.

We are wondering: which channels are important at your law school?

Does your community employ fac/staff/admin groupings that seem to be useful?

Opening at Albany Law School


ALBANY LAW SCHOOL invites applications for the position of Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives and Information Systems. The Associate Dean will report directly to the President & Dean and will be an integral part of the senior leadership team, charged with the strategic development, implementation, and marketing of on-line programming to achieve optimal enrollment and net tuition revenue goals.

mobile laptop cabinet/charging station

I need to pick up a mobile laptop cabinet/charging station for 10 laptops and am wondering if anyone has any strong feelings (positive or negative) about a brand you are using. Since I've never purchased on before, I thought I'd crowdsource some information before diving in.
Many thanks,

Courtney Selby, JD, MLIS | Associate Dean for Information Services, Director of the Law Library and Associate Professor of Law | Maurice A.

ACES2 and document imaging

Hi Teknoids,

Just curious if anyone has already integrated or setup a workflow with
LSAC's ACES2 and a document imaging system such as ImageNow? If you
have, could you share any challenges or positive experiences?

Thank you,

FW: (ExamSoft for formative assessment etc.) Schedule of Upcoming Law Events

Pertinent to the ongoing discussion…part of this refers to the citation Will made earlier. But there’s an upcoming webinar, too.

I commented thusly some months ago, but our administration has remained surprisingly uninterested in the new ABA standard, interpreting it to mean that *some* courses should use formative assessment while others can continue using the traditional final exam model. That’s actually how the standard reads:

Standard 314.

Questions About E-Portfolio Platforms

Dear Teknoids,

Our department has been asked to look into e-portfolio platforms used in other law schools around the country.

Some questions we have:

1. Is your law school using e-portfolios?

2. What platforms are being used to provide e-portfolio services?

3. What is the cost of some potential e-portfolio platforms?

4. Who within the law school administers these e-portfolio platforms? Assists students having trouble using them? Etc...

Thanks. Any insight would be most appreciated.

Scott C.