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RE: Biggest bar exam disaster ever?

This message was originally HTML formatted. View in a HTML capable client to see the original version.\r\n\r\n This is very bad. But I remember one worse. In July 2007, the New York bar exam had a software glitch and lost all or part of the essays. Some were recovered, some were unrecoverable.

Biggest bar exam disaster ever?


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Doug Edmunds
Assistant Dean for IT
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Exams and smart devices

An article in Above the Law today about smart watches got us thinking about exams:

Because Rick has made it a priority to take advantage of new technologies, it's not surprising that he's already incorporating a smartwatch into his firm's technology arsenal.

Not really about printing - but kind-of about printing

It's a good thing NM is far enough away from everyone else that I can't hear the groans from this question but I know some of the usual suspects are doing exactly that...
So I'm thinking about doing away with (law school-owned) networked printers and installing leased MFDs. We already have some leased KM MFDs in a key areas but we also have way too many personal and networked printers in our environment.

Open Developer Position - Univ. Minnesota Law Library

*Classification & Title: Developer 2, 9790D2 *

*Working Title: Digital Technology

*Department: Law Library*

*Appointment/Term: Administrative Professional, 12 month

*Hours: Fulltime, 40 hours

*Supervisor: Michael Hannon, Associate
Director for Library & Educational Technology*


The Digital Technology Specialist works independently an

Open Position - Univ. Minnesota Law Library


If possible, we would like to share our open position posting on your list.
I've attached a pdf.

If I need to subscribe to the list in order to post, please advise.

Many thanks,
Dawn R. Kildow, Administrative Director

University of Minnesota Law Library

120 Walter F. Mondale Hall
229 19th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Phone (612) 625-3408

Fax (612) 625-3478

Migrating from Legal Files to CLIO

Has anyone had any experience migrating from Legal Files to CLIO? We are at
the beginning stages of investigating CLIO for our Maine Law clinics. We
currently use Legal Files. If anyone would be willing to discuss this
off-line, we would appreciate any feedback you can provide.
Michelene Decrow
Director of Law School Technology
University of Maine School of Law
246 Deering Ave
Portland, ME 04102

PH: 207.780.4610
Fax: 207.780.4913

Exam software on Chrome Books

I have been using a Chromebook for a bit. It looks like a great solution for student computing. Cheap, no software hassles, and automatic backup into the cloud.

The one stumbling block is exam software. Is there any exam software for Chrome?



Edward P. Richards, JD, MPH
Director, Program in Law, Science, and Public Health
Clarence W.