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CALIcon16 video is now on Youtube

Happy Friday.
We've got most of the conference video up on Youtube. The CALIcon16
playlist is at Dan is still dealing with transfer issues
getting a small number of videos uploaded to Youtube but most of the
sessions are up. By the end of next week we'll have them embedded in the
session pages on the website.


Alternates to Turning Technologies Clickers

Hey All,

I was wondering if anyone is using anything other than Turning Technologies
for your audience response systems (clickers)?

If anyone is using a different product/company, I'd be very interested in
speaking with you at CALI this week.

We are looking at alternate clicker polling solutions and would like to
know what other law schools are using. Thanks very much!

Best Regards,

Michael Vogt
Manager for Instructional Technology
Pepperdine Law School
(310) 506-7209

[CALIcon16] Just one week away...


Just a quick update on CALIcon16. All of the best info for the
conference is up on the website at
We will live stream the Thursday and Friday keynotes, look for links
here and on the website.
Everything is getting recorded and the video should turn up on Youtube
in a fairly timely fashion, look for updates from Sys Admin Dan about

If you're coming to Atlanta next week, be sure to track me down and say hi.


FW: EARLY REGISTRATION ENDS FRIDAY! Legal Lean Sigma and Project Management Yellow Belt Certification Course

For those in the Boston area, we at Suffolk Law are running a compressed Legal Project Management/Process Improvement course July 26-27 with a company that trains law firms in this area. It should be interesting – you’re all, of course, invited to sign up, and if others are considering holding similar events, I’m glad to share the feedback we get about it. Info is below.


Gabriel H.

Personal SSN requirements for institutional PayPal Accounts

We are in the process of setting up a new PayPal/Square account for the receipt of payments at our school and have discovered that both PayPal and Square are requiring the social security number of an individual employee, in addition to the school's Employer Identification Number ("EIN") before approving of the new account.

Does anyone have the lowdown on whether or not an individual's personal SSN is absolutely necessary to set up a new PayPal or Square institutional account?

Tools for tracking faculty activity

Good morning all,
What tools or platforms are you using to keep track of faculty activities? I'm thinking of publications, speaking engagements, and like items that the school would like to publicize and refer back to when describing its accomplishments or advancing its reputation. We've been contacted by Digital Measures about their "Activity Insight" product. I am also reaching out on campus to learn whether there is a campus platform already in place.
Thanks for your responses!

Kenneth J.

[CALIcon16] Awesome session schedule is now available!


The first draft of the CALIcon16 schedule is live at
There are over 55 excellent sessions on the agenda this year with
something for everyone. Topics range from formative assessment to
technology in teaching to managing IT to open law.

We know that travel budgets are tight for a lot of you, but CALIcon is
a great conference that will connect you with colleagues dealing with
many of the same sorts of issues.

Open Position - Instructional Services Librarian

The Yale Law Library has an opening for an Instructional Services Librarian. Details are on our web site at:, attached, and below. Note the emphasis in using technology in the classroom might interest some here.

Instructional Services Librarian
Lillian Goldman Law Library
Yale University

Please Apply at:

[job announcement] Senior Drupal dev at NY State Senate


Here's another one of possible interest to all the Drupalers out
there. Full details at

"The New York State Senate is recruiting an experienced Drupal
Developer to extend, customize, and maintain its public-facing
website, is a prominent, highly-trafficked (2m+ visitors annually)
civic engagement platform that has been lauded in the mainstream media
and government technology circles. It provides customizable web pages
for the Senate, 63 member offices, and 40+ legislative committees.