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#CALIcon15 : Only 4 weeks to submit a session proposal!

The deadline for submitting sessions proposals for CALIcon15. We're seeing
good proposals that cover stuff in the classroom and in the library, but it
would be awesome to get some actual computer sessions on the schedule.
After all is it the CALI Conference for Law School COMPUTING. There have
been a number of good discussions here of late that would make for
interesting sessions at CALIcon15.

Campus alert system

What campus alert system is everyone using? We have been using a texting
alert system that is part of our student account system, and as of late it
is not reliable. I am starting to look at a replacement system.

Harold Bieber
Atlanta's John Marshall Law School

Followup on NAT and whitelisting of law school IP addresses

Wanted to thank everyone who got back to us about NAT'd networks. We
shutdown the filters over the weekend because we were banning too many law
schools and individual law students. There is no need to send us any IP
addresses because we aren't going to turn the filters back on.

Sam, Dan, and I spent some time this morning going over the processes and
code that drive the CALI Lesson system and found a likely culprit that had
been overlooked in the past.

[Important] Are you using NAT and pushing all student traffic through a single public IP address?

This is a very important message as it may affect your schools ability to
access Please make sure that this message gets to whoever is
in charge of the networking for your law school.

On Monday CALI put in place a new load balancer and firewall to help
control a long running botnet attack against our web servers. The new set
up provided us with the opportunity to track a very specific attack
signature and block IP addresses that were sending the bad traffic.

Qualifications on internet service?

Do any of you guarantee to students ONLY basic free internet service: research on the internet, email, etc., without an implicit or explicit promise to get their games working, and their TVs, and their movie downloads, etc. Does anyone have specific language they insert in a dormitory lease agreement, etc. that makes that clear?


Ronald Proschan
Associate IT Director
UC Hastings College of the Law
200 McAllister Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

KACE Management Appliances from Dell

Fellow Teknoids,

We currently manage our departmental workload via a suite of tools (WSUS, homegrown helpdesk ticketing, MDT+Ghost for imaging, etc.). This morning we had a demonstration by Dell of their K1000 management appliance and K2000 imaging appliance and the four of us taking part on this end came out of it thinking they looked magical. Does anyone currently use either or both of these appliances?

Question for My Fellow Panopto Users

Greetings Fellow Noids,

This goes out to my fellow Panopto users. We have been using Panopto in our classrooms - we are capturing everything that runs through the computer. We even have Wolfvision document camera software that captures the document camera image through USB . We also use Panopto for interviewing counseling and negotiation classes, clinics, mock trial tournaments etc. for nearly three years now often with students using their own computers for the ICN and Advanced Evidence classes.

Stay up to date with CALI Newsletters

We're getting ready to launch a weekly email newsletter highlighting CALI
resources, our authors, tech in legal ed and more. This newsletter will be
an excellent way to stay up to date with the latest and best that CALI has
to offer. We're using Mialchimp to manage the email part and we need to
make sure the list is current before we use it.

"Walkup" student computers

Just a quick poll. How many of you have implemented quick access, walkup computer workstations at your law schools? If so, do you restrict how long they can be used? We are exploring these (due to popular demand!) and need to determine what, if any, restrictions we should put on their use (other than you must be a law student).
If you have any other input you'd like to share, especially how well they are working out, I'd love to hear from you.

Cyndi Johnson
Director/Assistant Dean for Information Technology
UNM School of Law
(505) 277-0695

MS-300 Microform Scanner

We are trying to get a Canon MS-300 microform scanner to work with Windows 7
and Ecopy. It worked fine under Windows XP, but it won't work under Windows
7. This is our last Windows XP computer. The scanner shows up in Device
Manager, but the scanner software won't recognize it. Does anyone have any
experience using a scanner like this with Windows 7?

Daniel Starnes

Student Network Systems Manager

California Western School of Law

San Diego, CA