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Cobranet anyone? Audio over IP question.

Ok, my ignorance is showing…

Anyone have any thoughts or experience with pushing audio around (think building-wide PA system) using cobranet or AVB?

I want to distribute live and recorded audio to three rather large and disparate zones in and around our building.

#CALIcon15 preliminary session schedule is up!


Just wanted to let you know that the session schedule for the 25th Annual
CALI Conference for Law School Computing, June 18 - 20, 2015, at University
of Denver Sturm College of Law, Denver CO is online at

We're looking forward to an exciting conference this year with over 50
sessions covering the latest in tech in law schools spread over 3 days.
It'll be a busy few days, but it'll be great.

Position Announcement: Research & Instructional Services Librarian, IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law

Please feel free to forward to anyone who might be interested (and excuse
the crossposting).


Research & Instructional Services Librarian

The IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law Library seeks a creative librarian with
a demonstrated ability to teach research and technology skills and provide
research services to faculty, students, and staff of the law school.

#CALIcon15 updates, including hotel and transportation info


Hard to believe but CALIcon15 is just 35 days away. The 25th CALI
Conference for Law School Computing is June 18 - 20, 2015 at University of
Denver Sturm College of Law, Denver CO. Attached is our newsletter
providing the latest CALIcon15 updates. The very latest update is that the
preliminary schedule should be out on Friday evening. We'll have a full 55
session agenda with over 70 presenters representing over 30 law schools.

If you've never been to CALIcon this would be a good year to start and if
you've attended in the past we'd love to see you again.

Favorite iPad WordProcessing App

OK folks - what's your FAVORITE WordProcessing app that is compatible with Box? It does NOT have to be free.


Kimberly M. Edwards, CG'13, ACSP
Computer Services Coordinator
Law School Library
28 Westhampton Way
University of Richmond, VA 23173
(804) 287-6687

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SofTest problems anyone?

Anyone having problems today? I had no problems the entire week until today. In the middle of a full 1L exam, I had 3 students one after the other have problems. The exam is still in progress so I don’t have exact details.

Student 1:
The cursor couldn’t be moved anywhere but exactly where it was stuck. The student could type but not move around. A restart didn’t help and an external mouse didn’t help. I finally created a special make-up exam for her to continue the rest of the exam so the 2 pieces will have to be put together after printing.

Jenzabar vs Banner

Greetings Noids,

Are there any Jenzabar shops out there? If so, would you care sharing your experience with this ERP ?



Kasra Hafezi
Director | Enterprise Technology Services
2100 Memorial Blvd
Kerrville, TX 78028
(830) 792 7304

laptop specs for students

These are our recommendations from last year, which I do not anticipate needing to make any changes to.
Best wishes,

* Display: minimum 11" screen - for improved readability, consider a 13" or larger.

* Operating Systems Supported: Mac OS X 10.8 or higher, Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1
[OS X Lion or older, and Windows XP and Vista are NOT supported!]

* CPU: Intel Core i5 or better (or equivalent AMD).