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Access to Classcaster?

We're getting sporadic reports of problems accessing and the blogs hosted therein. Our monitoring is
not showing any issues with the servers at all and we can access the
system just fine.

I'd appreciate it y'all would take a minute and try opening and and if you can't get
in, drop me a note and let me know.


Externship Time Tracking Software


Does anyone use any specialized software (or have a good procedure) for easily approving and tracking the hours of students involved in externships? About a year ago we tried switching to a cloud service but it's a bigger program (and bigger expense) that we need.

Any suggestions would certainly be appreciated.


Scott MacKnight | Chief Information Officer | UCLA School of Law | 310.206.3446

Exams and digital course materials, student notes

Good morning all,
As we all move further down the road toward digital materials becoming the norm, has any of you yet adopted any policies or procedures regarding access to digital course materials or student notes when the faculty member prefers limiting students to only those materials during an exam. In other words, aside from relying on an honor code, how are you advising faculty in this regard?
Thanks for your replies.

Kenneth J.

Free Federal Rules books from LII and CALI

Hello everyone,

I'm happy to announce that 2015 versions of the Federal Rules of Evidence,
Criminal Procedure and Civil Procedure are now available. These books are
powered by the Legal Information Institute at Cornell University Law School
and distributed by the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction's
eLangdell Press.

Humpday fun

Here's another Raspberry Pi project for the crafty among you...

Build your own keyless entry system! It
won't solve student printing problems, but it may help the dreaded
study room conundrums.

- Sarah

wireless connection from laptop to projector


Have you thought about an Apple TV? With a Mac, you can airplay, and with
a PC, you can download AirParrot ($7.99) and airplay. All wireless.

It¹s a lovely thing when all the kids play nice together.


Kimberly M. Edwards, CG'13, ACSP
Computer Services Coordinator
Law School Library
28 Westhampton Way
University of Richmond, VA 23173
(804) 287-6687


New on LLRX for August 2014 - 4 article series on Privacy and Data Security Violations

On - for August 2014

Privacy and Data Security Violations: What’s the Harm?

*Daniel J. Solove* is a Law professor at George Washington University Law
School, an expert in information privacy law, and founder of TeachPrivacy,
a privacy and security training company. In the first of a four part
series, Prof.

Video for CALIcon14

The video for CALIcon14 is up on YouTube. Most sessions and the
keynotes are on the playlist at Note that a couple
of sessions are not available at the request of speakers.

Soon we'll have the video links up on the CALIcon14 website too.