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Twitter discloses it wasn’t logging users out of accounts after password resets

Weeks after Twitter’s ex-security chief accused the company of cybersecurity mismanagement, Twitter has now informed its users of a bug that didn’t close all of a user’s active logged-in sessions on Android and iOS after an account’s password was reset…. Continue Reading →

TikTok Denies Reports That It’s Been Hacked

TikTok is denying reports that it was breached after a hacking group posted images of what they claim is a TikTok database that contains the platform’s source code and user information. In response to these allegations, TikTok said its team… Continue Reading →

Jack Dorsey Says His Biggest Regret is Twitter Became a Company

Twitter founder and former chief executive Jack Dorsey says he regrets the social media platform became a company. From a report: “The biggest issue and my biggest regret is that it became a company,” Dorsey tweeted in response to a… Continue Reading →

Discord says Android users won’t be left hanging anymore

Discord announced new measures to bring its Android app into parity with its iOS counterpart today. The changes will improve the app’s experience for Android, which has historically lagged behind the iPhone version of Discord. Discord says the app is… Continue Reading →

Twitch is adding a ‘charity mode’ that simplifies streaming for a good cause

Streaming to raise money for a good cause is a big deal on Twitch, but the platform has always pointed creators elsewhere to manage the logistics of raising cash and getting it where it needs to go. Now, the company… Continue Reading →

TikTok moves all US traffic to Oracle servers, amid new claims user data was accessed from China

TikTok said on Friday it is moving U.S. users’ data to Oracle servers stored in the United States. Overshadowing its migration announcement was a damning report that followed, claiming that TikTok staff in China had access to its U.S. users’… Continue Reading →

How The Internet Saved the Home of Blogging Pioneer Noah Grey

At the end of the year 2000, Noah Grey created the free and open-source blogging software Greymatter (now maintained by a community of users). Wil Wheaton’s new book describes it as “the original, primordial blogging platform. Blogs look like they… Continue Reading →

Obama Says Social Media Falsehoods Spur Skepticism on Politics

Former U.S. President Barack Obama warned that the way Americans communicate on social media networks has weakened democracy. Bloomberg: Obama, who owns the podcasting and film company Higher Ground, warned that “citizens no longer know what to believe” thanks to… Continue Reading →

DuckDuckGo’s Down-Ranking of Russian Disinformation Caused by Microsoft’s Bing

Slashdot reader nickwinlund77 quotes the New York Times (also quoted here): DuckDuckGo has little control over its search results because they are provided by Microsoft’s Bing, which announced that it would follow the European Union’s order to restrict access to… Continue Reading →

Trump’s TRUTH Social launches at the top of the App Store, but no one can get in

Donald Trump’s media group released its TRUTH Social iOS app today in the U.S., but a scan of the app’s API using publicly available tools revealed that it already closed itself to registrations (also, the scan showed that its “proprietary… Continue Reading →

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