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Threads, a Slack alternative completely unrelated to Instagram, has seen downloads surge

Instagram’s Twitter clone Threads enjoyed a fairly fruitful first week in existence, sailing past 30 million users in the first 24 hours before passing 100 million signups within five days. And just yesterday, numbers from indicated that Threads has… Continue Reading →

One of Reddit’s Biggest Communities Is Suggesting Users Move To Discord

r/malefashionadvice, one of the biggest Reddit communities that’s still private as part of the Reddit protest, is encouraging its users to move to Discord and Substack. The subreddit has more than 5 million subscribers. The Verge reports: Specifically, the Discord… Continue Reading →

Reddit is Getting Rid of Its Gold Awards System

Reddit is sunsetting its current coins and awards systems, meaning you soon won’t be able to thank a kind stranger for giving you Reddit Gold for one of your posts. From a report: Awards are little icons on posts you… Continue Reading →

Reddit Removes Years of Chat and Message Archives From Users’ Accounts

An anonymous reader shares a report: The Reddit blackout protests didn’t quite force the company to reverse course on its API changes that resulted in the shutdown of many popular third-party apps, but it did succeed in dominating the conversation… Continue Reading →

As BotDefense Leaves ‘Antagonistic’ Reddit, Mods Fear Spam Overload

“The Reddit community is still reckoning with the consequences of the platform’s API price hike…” reports Ars Technica. “The latest group to announce its departure is BotDefense.” BotDefense, which helps remove rogue submission and comment bots from Reddit and which… Continue Reading →

Meta’s vision for Threads is more mega-mall than public square

In the latest sign that Meta’s new Twitter lookalike Threads is unlikely to capture the essence of its predecessor, the company is apparently actively disinterested in cultivating its new app into a useful hub of breaking news and world events…. Continue Reading →

You can’t post ass, Threads is doomed

Threads, the Meta-owned Twitter clone that launched this week, will always be hindered by its own content guidelines. The app is dry at best, and at worst, leeching your personal data. With 30 million downloads in less than a day of… Continue Reading →

Twitter competitors soar after yet another bad Musk move

Twitter was even messier than usual this weekend. On Saturday, owner Elon Musk tweeted that Twitter would combat “extreme levels of data scraping,” by limiting accounts that don’t subscribe to Twitter Blue so that they could see only 600 posts… Continue Reading →

TweetDeck suffers as Musk enforces read limits on Twitter

Over the weekend, Elon Musk limited the number of tweets users can read in a day, which he said was to prevent data scraping. While this measure has affected all Twitter users, TweetDeck users in particular are today reporting major… Continue Reading →

Twitter limits the number of tweets users can read amid extended outage

Twitter is putting limits to how many tweets its users can read as the Elon Musk-owned service suffers extended outage that has stymied users’ ability to track new posts. In a tweet, Musk detailed the revised usage quotas. Verified account… Continue Reading →

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