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Is AI Hastening the Demise of Quora?

Quora “used to be a thriving community that worked to answer our most specific questions,” writes Slate. “But users are fleeing,” while the site hosts “a never-ending avalanche of meaningless, repetitive sludge, filled with bizarre, nonsensical, straight-up hateful, and A.I.-generated… Continue Reading →

‘You Are Not An Embassy’

Jamie Bartlett, a technology columnist, argues that social media platforms constantly pressure users to share opinions on events they may not fully understand, contributing to an atmosphere of performative outrage and conformity rather than thoughtful discussion. However, he also acknowledges… Continue Reading →

Bluesky Launches RSS Feeds

Bluesky, the Twitter alternative backed by Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey, has released its new RSS feeds. reports: The link to a user’s RSS feed is quite lengthy, making it not so easy to remember, and you can’t… Continue Reading →

Twitch is laying off another 500 employees

Another round of layoffs is hitting Twitch. The Amazon-owned livestreaming platform will cut 35% of its staff, or roughly 500 employees, Bloomberg reports, and will announce the reduction as early as this week. Twitch did not immediately respond to TechCrunch’s… Continue Reading →

Flipboard Is Pivoting To ActivityPub and the Fediverse

Flipboard, the social media magazine and news app, announced that it is starting to switch its user accounts to ActivityPub, a technology developed by the World Wide Web Consortium that makes social networks interoperable, “connecting everything to a single social… Continue Reading →

Threads Plans to Interoperate With Other Platforms in the Fediverse

An anonymous reader shared this report from the Verge: On Friday, two days after Threads finally started publicly testing ActivityPub integration, Instagram head Adam Mosseri shared a thread on Threads detailing the company’s plans for its continued integration with the… Continue Reading →

Mastodon founder touts Threads’ federation, saying it makes his X rival ‘a far more attractive option’

Mastodon founder Eugen Rochko lauds Threads’ entry into the decentralized social media space, saying the move will make Mastodon — the open source Twitter/X rival — “a far more attractive option.” Mastodon’s app, which is powered by the decentralized social… Continue Reading →

Actors Recorded Videos for ‘Vladimir.’ It Turned Into Russian Propaganda.

Internet propagandists aligned with Russia have duped at least seven Western celebrities, including Elijah Wood and Priscilla Presley, into recording short videos to support its online information war against Ukraine, according to new security research by Microsoft. From a report:… Continue Reading →

Reddit might once again be flirting with an IPO

Social media giant Reddit is once again reportedly testing the IPO waters. Bloomberg reported on Monday that Reddit “is holding talks with potential investors for an initial public offering.”  The San Francisco-based company, co-founded by Steve Huffman, Aaron Swartz and… Continue Reading →

Meta turned a blind eye to kids on its platforms for years, unredacted lawsuit alleges

A newly unredacted version of the multi-state lawsuit against Meta alleges a troubling pattern of deception and minimization in how the company handles kids under 13 on its platforms. Internal documents appear to show that the company’s approach to this… Continue Reading →

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