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The Accessibility and Usability Resource Site (AURS)

This is a short post to tell others about a free resource I came across recently. Quality Matters (QM) is a non-profit organization that provides rubrics and certifications for online and blended courses. While taking an online class from QM,… Continue Reading →

Welcome to My Desk! What I’ve Done to Stay Grounded During COVID-19

Getting Started on my Desk On March 12, the local schools closed.  On March 13, I went to the office for a meeting, packed some things, and went home. I’ve been WFH ever since. The first thing I did when… Continue Reading →

Lexis+ Review: Initial Impressions

Lexis recently upgraded its Lexis Advance legal research platform by tweaking the visual interface and by adding a few substantive tools to its platform. Lexis+ acts more like a quality of life update rather than a revolutionary overhaul, which is… Continue Reading →

Welcome to my Desk! Small Apartment Edition

This third installment of “Welcome to my Desk” (thanks to Rachel and Deborah for the first two!) doesn’t have any cats in it (I’m sad about it too), but it does have yet another Yeti microphone. Here’s where I’ve been… Continue Reading →

You Are Part Of The Biggest #WFH Experiment EVER: Thoughts On Maintaining Meaningful Remote Connections

“The COVID-19 pandemic is, among other things, a massive experiment in telecommuting.” – Brookings As articles have been telling us non-stop since March, COVID-19 pressed fast-forward on film that is our lives, and we’ve been watching it all like a… Continue Reading →


Guest post by Amanda Watson, president of LIT-SIS, Director of the O’Quinn Law Library, and Assistant Professor of Law the University of Houston Law Center.  It’s official! CS-SIS is now LIT-SIS: Legal Innovation & Technology SIS. Two years ago, our… Continue Reading →

Teaching Students to Avoid Legal Research Clickbait

No Legal Research Clickbait In legal research, we’ve all gone down rabbit holes: we start researching contracts and end up in wills; we start in landlord/tenant issues and end up in torts. It happens to the best of us, even… Continue Reading →

The Best Tech to Give This Holiday Season

Looking for a last-minute holiday gift to give your tech-loving friend or family member? From high-tech to low-tech and even tech-adjacent, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s last year’s list in case you want to expand your options. From… Continue Reading →

LIT-SIS Executive Board Meeting Recap

The LIT-SIS Executive Committee met last Tuesday, December 1. Here’s what we talked about: DET-SIS Merger The biggest agenda item was our proposed merger with the Digitization and Educational Technology Special Interest Section (DET-SIS). Some quick background: because of the… Continue Reading →

Can You Pass the Electric Kool-Aid Zoom Test? (Or 5 Zoom Horror Stories To Tell In the Dark)

I had used Zoom several times before 2020, but not nearly as often and certainly not in all the ways I have used it since the pandemic. Prior to 2020 my major experiences in Zoom were testing our law school… Continue Reading →

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