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Achieving Technological Competence: On overcoming our nostalgic preference for unmerging technologies.

While working the reference desk at a mid-sized research institution, I came across a student who was searching for a particular article. I positioned my monitor to demonstrate to her how to navigate the university’s databases and find the article…. Continue Reading →

LIT-SIS Recruitment & Involvement Committee – Contest

The LIT-SIS Recruitment & Involvement Committee is in need of a NEW BANNER with our new name. We are hoping to get a design to the printer in time for it to be printed for AALL in Denver. To the… Continue Reading →

Join Your LIT-SIS Colleagues at AALL for a Local Brewery Tour with Denver Microbrew Tours!

We are very excited to be able to meet in person once again at the AALL Annual Conference in Denver, and we have planned a new social event that will allow us to explore the flavors of Denver together! We… Continue Reading →

Heinonline New Law Journal

Nurani Hukum Law Journal Indonesia has a long-standing educational tradition in dual language learning and scholarship. From the early period of scholarly exchanges during the Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms to the  leading to the production of scholars, translating, and interpreting classical Arabic… Continue Reading →

The effects, and role of technology in Supreme Court confirmation hearing of Ketanji Brown Jackson

Since 1916, Supreme Court confirmation hearings have been open to the public at large. As the medium of television became more mainstream, broadcasting the confirmation hearings was used as a means of making them available to an even wider audience. … Continue Reading →

Failure to Disrupt: Why Technology Alone Can’t Transform Education

This post provides my three main takeaways from the book Failure to Disrupt: Why Technology Alone Can’t Transform Education[1] regarding the implications for law schools and legal education. This book examines Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and other platforms that… Continue Reading →

LIT-SIS Virtual Coffee March 18th

Dear LIT members, On behalf of the Recruitment & Involvement committee I would like to invite you to our informative and casual coffee talk on March 18. Please consider inviting new members from other SISes as we are hoping to… Continue Reading →

Bremer-Kovacs Collection – Heinonline

The expansion of administrative agencies during the New Deal and after World War II, is considered by some, to be one of the most impactful developments in American government and politics. The enactment of Administrative Procedure Act (APA) established a… Continue Reading →

The Accessibility and Usability Resource Site (AURS)

This is a short post to tell others about a free resource I came across recently. Quality Matters (QM) is a non-profit organization that provides rubrics and certifications for online and blended courses. While taking an online class from QM,… Continue Reading →

Welcome to My Desk! What I’ve Done to Stay Grounded During COVID-19

Getting Started on my Desk On March 12, the local schools closed.  On March 13, I went to the office for a meeting, packed some things, and went home. I’ve been WFH ever since. The first thing I did when… Continue Reading →

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