Guest post by Aimee Self Pittman, Reference and Legal Research Librarian at LSU Law Library.
Why should you attend the ABA TechShow? Because it gives you invaluable insight into the business of law and the state of technology in law firms that we often don’t get in our academic librarian roles.
This year’s LIT-SIS grant made it possible for me to attend the ABA TechShow for the first time. It was one of the most useful conferences I have attended because it gave me real-life insights into how law firms of all sizes are leveraging technology to make practice more profitable and easier.
Our law students want to know what to expect when they enter the workforce, and the ABA TechShow allowed me to gather more intel about what that tech-savvy legal landscape looks like. Having that practical knowledge helps me better prepare students for the modern practice of law.
The exhibit floor was

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