Let’s talk about big tech – physically big, that is. With all the focus on cloud-based tools and other software, it’s easy to forget about the hardware. Here are a few of the most useful, novel, or interesting “large tech” items we’ve seen or heard of in libraries recently. Add your own in the comments!

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems. Probably not on the menu for most law libraries, even the largest, but maybe some of you are on campuses where these are in use. Here’s an example at the University of Chicago – check out the video on that page to see the book robot in action.
Smart Whiteboards. There are a few of these on the market: e.g., Vibe Board, Microsoft Surface Hub, Samsung Flip Pro. (Google’s Jamboard will be discontinued next fall.) You can save the notes you write on the screen, or mark up other content; use the

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