On the surface, the worlds of law libraries and bowling alleys might seem to occupy opposite ends of the cultural spectrum. I have been an active bowler since the age of 7. It was and will forever be the one sport that I play, and as I reflected on the sport, parallels started to emerge. Revealing a surprising kinship between my day job as a law librarian and a bowler. Let’s explore some unexpected ways these seemingly distant pursuits share remarkable similarities.
Precision and Strategy: Both bowling and law librarianship demand precision and strategic thinking. A bowler carefully considers lane conditions, ball weight, and release angle to optimize each throw. Similarly, a law librarian meticulously analyzes legal databases, dissects complex case histories, and tailors research strategies to the specific needs of each client and project. Both strive for pinpoint accuracy, recognizing that a single misstep, be it a gutter ball or

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