My live show on Friday was followed by a Q-and-A period where audience members asked me various things about how the music and visuals are done. This post responds to some of those questions, and contains links to pretty much anything you’d want to know about the construction of the show. In fact, probably more than you want to know….

I wasn’t satisfied with the answers I gave to some of the questions that followed my show last night, so I thought I’d say a little more here.  Questions answered in the order received:

Mr. KF of Lawrenceville, NJ asks:  What’s that doodad in the upper left corner of your rig?

That, Mr. KF, is a DJ Tech Tools MidiFighter Twister .  It has 16 knobs, and internal electronics that allow you to program the 16 knobs in 4 banks, thus yielding 64 separate controllers.  The knobs also incorporate a push switch, separately

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