Still image from “The Mixtape: Creating Podcasts for Online Teaching” video by Wesch.
With the theme of the “Distance Ed Genie Is Out of the Bottle”, this year’s CALICon didn’t disappoint on the online legal instructional front. From a keynote YouTuber delivering live-demo-style video tips to the closing CALI keynote highlighting their own author tools, there was something for everyone. Here I’ll share my top three wishes granted from CALI’s 2021 virtual conference sessions:
WISH #1: Learn Something Practical From CALICon’s Keynote = YouTubers Rock
You know how it is… sometimes you go to an entire conference, and by the end you are disappointed that tons of big ideas were shared and sure it inspired you or got your fired up about those topics you are passionate about. But, lets be honest it isn’t always that practical. I prefer conferences that I can bring something back to the office with me (or in

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