Guest Post by Jason Tubinis
Using software to transform yourself in a Zoom meeting is so simple you can do it by accident! Just ask Rod Ponton, who appeared in a meeting with the 394th Judicial District Court of Texas as a fluffy white kitten. The now-famous video of Judge Gibbs Bauer gently informing Mr. Ponton that he has a ‘Zoom filter’ on while the kitten’s eyes dart madly around (presumably capturing the actual Mr. Ponton’s efforts to disable the filter) shows how easy, hilarious, and potentially mortifying customizing your video conferencing software can be.
These filters use your camera to track the motion of your face/body and translate the movement onto a computer generated model. The filter then replaces your normal camera feed with a ‘fake’ video source that your video conferencing software thinks is the image coming from your camera. The actual concept behind the video filters is very straightforward,

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