Comparison images provided by Rockstar Games. (Rockstar didn’t clarify what these were captured on, so we’re assuming PC.) [credit:
Rockstar Games ]

The PlayStation 2-era Grand Theft Auto trilogy is now available on modern gaming devices and comes with across-the-board aesthetic touch-ups. That should be good news. The series’ shift from top-down 2D to open-world 3D was a seismic event in the gaming industry, and despite showing their age, each of these games provides a fine amount of macabre criminal adventuring.
But while some parts of the trilogy’s re-release are easy to praise, others are less exciting. Shortly after the $60 GTA Definitive Trilogy went live on Thursday, I logged some time with the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X versions. I also spent a few hours staring at the game’s locked-up installation on my Windows 10 testing rig. I can now

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