The Delaware court system is recognized throughout the legal profession as a leading forum for the litigation of business and commercial disputes. But for out-of-state attorneys, Delaware presents unique procedural hurdles, including that all electronic case filings must be done by local counsel licensed in Delaware, and that any electronic notices of filings must be distributed via that local counsel. 
It is for that reason that the expansion by legal technology company PacerPro of its PDF2Go service into Delaware last month was welcome news for attorneys, both those licensed in Delaware and those admitted pro hac vice for specific cases. 
“It cuts out steps and ensures that everyone gets the filing, that everyone is on the same page,” said Brian E. Farnan, a partner with Farnan LLP in Wilmington, Del. “It makes it error- and idiot-proof.”  
State Court Expansion
As the company’s name suggests, PacerPro developed its PDF2Go service for the federal courts’ PACER

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