While 1999 movie influenced everything from videogames to action movies to the metaverse, latest installment shows some restraint. From a report: The jaw-dropping visual effects in “The Matrix” transformed the quest to prove what is possible on screen. The franchise returns this week to find out if there is anything more that can be done. For the 1999 original, filmmakers invented a way to make Keanu Reeves’s hero, Neo, defy physics while dodging bullets on screen. The effect blew enough minds to get a nickname — “bullet time” — plus changed the look of action movies, and influenced mediums from animation to videogames. For the new sequel, “The Matrix Resurrections,” filmmakers deployed much-higher-caliber technologies, including three-dimensional imagery made using artificial intelligence. But after 22 years of digital evolution, high-end movie effects are approaching a plateau near perfection. “We went from pulling off what seemed to be impossible, to a sort

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