Image: “The predation of the edtech industry only works if we don’t lift our heads to see it, raise our hands to change it, stand in its way.”

Sean Michael Morris, the director of the University of Colorado at Denver’s Digital Pedagogy Lab and the editor of the journal Hybrid Pedagogy, wrote those words in March 2019, articulating his belief that educators must beat back omnivorous educational technology companies.

Today, Course Hero, the controversial online site that invites students to post and download syllabi, worksheets, essays, previous exams and other course materials so other students can benefit from them (and so Course Hero can generate revenue), announced Morris is joining its team as vice president of academics.

Who Morris is and what Course Hero represents makes this an eye-catching hire in the education-technology world. Morris has worked in digital learning and education for about 20 years in a variety of different capacities, including as

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