As a company grows, the amount of important information employees need to keep track of inevitably grows right along with it. And, as your tech stack gets more complicated, that information ends up split up across more places — buried in Slack threads, tucked into Jira tickets, pushed as files on Dropbox, etc.
Dashworks is a startup aiming to be the go-to place for all of that internal knowledge. Part customizable start page and part search engine, it hooks into dozens of different enterprise services and gives you one hub to find what you need.
Dashworks is built to be your work laptop’s home page. It’s got support for broadcasting companywide announcements, building out FAQs and sharing bookmarks for the things you often need and can never find — your handbooks, your OKRs, your org charts, etc.
More impressive, though, is its cross-tool search. With backgrounds in natural language processing at companies like

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