Earlier this month, Google announced that it would kill free Google Workspace accounts that were using the G Suite legacy free edition. As spotted by Ars Technica and following customer backlash, Google has updated its support page and says that it plans to offer more options to existing users.
Google Workspace as it exists today is a very different product from its predecessor. Google’s productivity subscription package is now primarily designed for businesses. The company offers different plans with a software-as-a-service approach, such as Business Starter, Business Standard and Business Plus. They range from $6 to $18 per user per month.
In 2006, following the launch of Gmail and Google Calendar, Google offered the ability to add a custom domain name to your Google account. For instance, you could buy a domain name for your family name and use it for your email addresses (sarah@myfamilyname.com). Originally called Google Apps for Your Domain,

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