Enlarge / Keychron K14 with no backlight (top) and an RGB backlight (bottom). (credit: Scharon Harding)

A common complaint about mechanical keyboards is that they’re too expensive. Options are limited further for budget-minded buyers if they want a wireless device, especially if they’re looking for a Mac-specific board. But the market has come a long way, and you can now pick up mechanical keyboards, including cable-free options, for under $100. And not only can you buy a wireless mechanical keyboard that works with Apple computers, but in the case of the Keychron K14, you can get one that comes with a Mac layout out of the box (don’t worry, Windows keycaps are also included).
The K14 is a 70 percent wireless mechanical keyboard, meaning that it ditches the numpad (but not the navigation keys) and forgoes a dedicated function row. The result is a compact clacker with an option

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