An anonymous reader quotes a report from Gizmodo: It’s been less than a month since the New York Times bought Wordle, but it’s wasting no time in ruining everyone’s favorite word game in all the shitty ways you’d expect from a billion-dollar behemoth. And — you guessed it — that means your little daily puzzles are being loaded with ad trackers now, too. Most of us assumed that this was going to happen eventually. I mean, the Times dropped a cool seven-figure sum on a game that’s still free to play (at least for right now), so those profits would need to be recouped from somewhere. And this week, some code-savvy Worlders stumbled onto where that “somewhere” was: a dozen different trackers shoved into places where there were literally zero before. Taking a look for ourselves, Gizmodo found that some of the trackers were from the New York Times proper,

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