Enlarge / A Ryzen 1800X CPU in an X370 motherboard. This could now be replaced by a top-end Zen 3 model, if your motherboard maker releases a BIOS update. (credit: Sebastian Anthony)

AMD will officially add support for newer Zen 3-based Ryzen processors to old 2017-era motherboards that use its X370, B350, and A320-series chipsets, the company announced today. These motherboards all use the same physical AM4 socket as brand-new 500-series chipset motherboards, but before now they have not officially been allowed to support AMD’s newest chips.
This is AMD’s second about-face on Zen 3 compatibility for older motherboards. Ryzen 5000-series chips were originally only going to be compatible with 500-series motherboards, but AMD quickly relented and promised to support Zen 3 on 400-series chipsets after that news was received poorly.
AMD says that BIOS updates with AGESA version will enable support for newer Ryzen processors, including the new budget

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