DigitalOcean, in a blog post: I am excited to announce that DigitalOcean has acquired the CSS-Tricks website, a learning site with 6,500 articles, videos, guides and other content focused on frontend development. CSS-Tricks will broaden and complement our existing library of content, furthering DigitalOcean’s reach with both frontend and full-stack developers, and supports our community strategy, a key differentiator for DigitalOcean in the cloud computing space. CSS-Tricks will continue operating as a standalone site supported by DigitalOcean, and CSS-Tricks founder Chris Coyier will support CSS-Tricks in an advisory capacity.

At DigitalOcean we take great pride in our commitment to the developer and startup communities. We truly believe that our community is bigger than just us, and we have demonstrated this through our creation of more than 6,000 high-quality developer tutorials and approximately 30,000 community-generated questions & answers, hosting of community-focused events such as deploy, and support of the open source

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