Enlarge / If you’d like to explore these wilds on foot in Elite Dangerous’s 2021 Odyssey DLC, that’s no longer an option on console. And for existing non-DLC players, the news gets worse. (credit: Frontier Developments)

On Thursday, console players of the seven-year-old space sim adventure Elite Dangerous were dealt a massive blow. Instead of getting word that the series’ 2021 Odyssey DLC expansion would finally arrive on console, they were instead told that the game’s versions on Xbox and PlayStation would no longer receive any substantial gameplay updates, DLC or otherwise.
Frontier Developments director David Braben broke the news by saying that the game has had two completely different codebases in operation for some time: one for PC, which supports Odyssey, and one for consoles. This week, Frontier made the decision to “focus on a single codebase” so the studio can “move forward with the story of the game.”

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