Enlarge / Why spend time or money earning in-game currency when a PC script can do it for free? (credit: Sony)

In our review of Gran Turismo 7, we warned that players should “be prepared to grind” for the in-game credits needed to buy some expensive in-game cars. We also said the game “will try to tempt you to open your real wallet to buy in-game credits a little more frequently than you might like.” Now, some enterprising players have found a way to avoid that grind for Gran Turismo 7 credits: They’ve automated a credit-earning method that doesn’t require actually playing the game.
The method—publicized Monday by PSNProfiles user Septomor and noted by VGC—takes advantage of some PC scripting tools and PlayStation’s Remote Play tool. By sending preset inputs to a local PS4 or PS5 via Remote Play, the PC script runs through a single race automatically and

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