BeerFartMoron shares a report from CBS News: After weeks of microscopic adjustments, NASA unveiled the first fully focused image from the James Webb Space Telescope Wednesday, a razor-sharp engineering photo of a nondescript star in a field of more distant galaxies that shows the observatory’s optical system is working in near-flawless fashion. The goal was to demonstrate Webb can now bring starlight to a near-perfect focus, proving the $10 billion telescope doesn’t suffer from any subtle optical defects like the aberration that initially hobbled the Hubble Space Telescope. The galaxies in the image were a bonus, whetting astronomers’ appetites for discoveries to come. “This is one of the most magnificent days in my whole career at NASA, frankly, and for many of us astronomers, one of the most important days that we’ve had,” said NASA science chief Thomas Zurbuchen. “Today we can announce that the optics will perform to specifications

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