For the last two years, Unified Patents, an international organization of over 200 businesses, has been winning the battle against patent trolls “to keep them from stealing from the companies and organizations that actually use patents’ intellectual property (IP),” writes ZDNet’s Steven Vaughan Nichols. “This is their story to date.” From the report: Unified Patents brings the fight to the trolls. It deters patent trolls from attacking its members by making it too expensive for the troll to win. The group does this by examining troll patents and their activities in various technology sectors (Zones). The United Patents Open Source Software Zone (OSS Zone) is the newest of these Zones. […] Even before OSS Zone was formally launched, Unified Patents along with the Open Invention Network (OIN), the world’s largest patent non-aggression group, launched legal cases against poor quality PAE-owned (Patent Assertion Entities) patents. The Linux Foundation and Microsoft have

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