Apple Podcasts is rolling out new features to incentivize podcasters to offer paid subscriptions to listeners on the app. One of those features will — for better or for worse — reveal to podcasters in their private analytics dashboard how many people follow them on Apple Podcasts. Get ready for an ego check!
For whatever reason, follower counts haven’t been visible to creators, though the Apple Podcasts Connect page has shown stats about how many listeners you have, how long people listen before dropping off and how different episodes perform compared to one another.
Some podcasters might notice that their stats on Apple Podcasts Connect are lower than expected, though. The majority of U.S. podcast listeners use Spotify, so these analytics, which only show Apple Podcasts listenership, don’t offer creators a holistic picture of their show’s performance (however, the drop-off rate can be useful information, since that data point isn’t available on

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